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101 Things in 1001 Days (One Month Update!)

Beginning February 1st, 2018, I began my 101 Things in 1001 Days challenge. It has been a month, or thirty days since officially starting the 101 list so I would like to update everyone on my progress.

Since I am not working for anybody but myself right now, I have a lot of time on my hands. This challenge has been great because it gives me something to look forward to and a sense of accomplishment, even when the world is throwing lemons. I recommend everyone try it, its actually pretty fun.

See the original list (which I update monthly, for the next 1001 days) for the full challenge.

101 Things in 1001 Days Progress Update

Completed = 3/101


Visit a zero-waste grocery store

I’ve been following discussions on zero-waste living for about three years now. When Lauren Singer began showing up in social media, because she could fit two years of garbage in a mason jar (now she has over 4 years in that same jar!), I was inspired to learn more. Since then the zero-waste movement has gained more followers.

There are many small things you can do to reduce the waste you consume, such as using reusable cotton bags for groceries and bringing a reusable coffee cup to your favorite coffee shop. However, not everybody has access to grocery stores that support this movement, which is why I was extremely excited when Nu Grocery opened in Ottawa. I won’t go into detail here about my visit because I want to write a whole separate post on that, but I finally visited the store and could check that off my list!

Make a list of 101 goals

This is an obvious one. I struggled to find 101 goals, it took me about five hours and some whining to my roommates to help me think of the last ten. But that is done and it inspired me to start this blog so everything is good! Now to conquer the 1001 days!

Sell hamster cage on Kijiji

Kijiji is the greatest online source to find buyers for your used items. It took me about 3 weeks to sell the hamster cage, I had to lower the price before I was successful, but it is gone and I was able to buy some necessities with the money earned.


In Progress = 6/101

Listen to 10 personal development TED Talks

I find TED Talks incredibly inspiring. When I’m lacking motivation, feeling down or need perspective on a certain issue, these quick speeches are empowering and enlightening. During the last month, I have watched these five, which I highly recommend.

  1. How Healthy Living Nearly Killed Me” by A.J. Jacobs;
  2. 10 Ways to have a Better Conversation” by Celeste Headlee;
  3. Want to be Happy? Be Grateful” by David Steindl-Rast;
  4. Keep Your Goals to Yourselves” by Derek Sivers;
  5. The Psychology of Self-Motivation” by Scott Geller.

Finish all the Game of Thrones books (2/5)

I really really wanted to get A Storm of Swords finished by the end of February but I am just shy of finishing the book (page 960 of 1128). I am a little behind in the Game of Thrones craze but am slowly catching up. Reading George R. R. Martin’s series is like running a marathon but I am not disappointed. Amazing storytelling.

Adjust sleep schedule to be up no later than 7 am

I started to work at this on the day I had an interview at Petsmart and I had to be up at 7 am. The problem with being unemployed and having nothing to fill your day with is that you have no reason to get up early in the morning anymore. I’ve read time and time again that early risers are happier and more productive. So I made it a goal of mine to become a morning person, even if I did not have to be up that early.

The secret to success is to fill your morning doing things you love, so you will be excited or motivated to get up. I have learned that I really enjoy spending my morning reading and I look forward to that hot cup of coffee every morning. So my morning routine consists of getting up, brushing teeth, making coffee and then curling up in my warm bed with a book while I wake up with my coffee. Such a relaxing and slow morning.

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I was able to maintain this for less than a week before I slipped back into sleeping in again. Therefore, it is still a work in progress.

Post at least two blog postings a month for a year (2/24)

I exceeded this goal for the month of February, writing five posts. I have caught the blogging bug and am excited about my topics for the month of March. If you missed any of my February posts here they are:

  1. 1001 Things in 101 Days
  2. “My Beauty Products – Part 1” (no longer on this blog)
  3. 13 Life Lessons I Learned in College
  4. “My Thoughts on Daiya Greek Yogurt Alternative” (no longer on this blog)
  5. “Daiya Dairy-Free Gluten-Free Pizza Review” (no longer on this blog)

A lot of these posts have been deleted after I rebranded in 2019!

Finish cross-stitch project

I worked on it over a few days during the month of February but have a lot left to do before it can be considered finished. So, therefore, it’s in progress.

Increase Instagram followers to 200 people

It is appearing like I am going to achieve this pretty quickly. I have been really focusing on increasing my followers in the past 72 hours and have gained about 40 followers! Thank you so much to those who followed me and checked out this blog!

Now that the first month has passed I’m looking forward to working towards more completes. Do you have your own 101 Things in 1001 Days goal challenge? I want to know! Share your experience in the comments below!

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