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6 Social Media Marketing Tools to Conquer 2019


If you’re not using a social media marketing strategy in 2019 you’re missing out on connecting with your target audience. Sharing on social media gives you the opportunity to reach more people and build that know, like, and trust factor that grows sales. With more small businesses investing in a social media marketing strategy this year, it can be useful to know what tools you should be using.

Social Media Marketing

Below are 6 social media marketing tools I recommend and have used myself. Of course, there are plenty more, too many to count in fact, but that’s up to you to experiment with. This post is focused on the tools I know and have benefited my social media strategy.


You can manage all your social media channels from this single platform. Rather than paying for two separate subscriptions, it’s easy to do it all in one place.

It can save time each week by scheduling social posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in one place. While it’s impossible for YOU to be awake to share content 24/7 it’s not impossible for Hootsuite. You can reach potential customers and clients in other time zones who may not be online when you’re normally active.

It’s easy to view your analytics and create reports for specific campaigns and customers. Share your ROI with your team or clients to show them how they are doing.


Buffer has many of the same features as Hootsuite but with a simpler and sleek dashboard. This might be for you if learning a new tool stresses you out since the cleaner appearance may be easier to understand.

They offer three services: Publish, Reply and Analyze. Depending on your needs you may go with one or all of these. Publish is Buffer’s scheduler tool which allows you to plan your content before publishing. The Reply is focused on interacting with your customers and allows the entire team to collaborate. Lastly, Analyze gathers insights from Facebook and Instagram so you can measure performance and grow your brand.

On their website, you will also find useful tools such as their Marketing Library to help you stay on top of social media marketing trends.


As a Pinterest Social Media Manager, Tailwind is my jam. With a subscription, which only starts at $14.99/month, you get access to a scheduler, optimizer, analytics, and monitoring tools for Pinterest and/or Instagram.

Like I mentioned earlier, it’s almost impossible to sit in front of your laptop 24/7 pumping out pins and Insta posts. You can try but what about the rest of your business? Luckily, you can plan your posts using Tailwind which schedules and automates them to go out when you will receive the most engagement.

Although Tailwind only works for Pinterest and Instagram, they do it incredibly well. Other features you will love are their Hashtag Finder and analytics tools.


Have you ever wondered how some Instagrammers create beautiful consistent feeds? It’s usually because they use a grid planner to organize their posts! Planoly is a grid planning tool I use and recommend, and it won’t cost you a penny.

Visually manage your Instagram feed by uploading your photographs to your Planoly grid and rearrange them until you find the best aesthetic. Add your captions and hashtags directly in the app, save the post or schedule for publishing. Planoly has the ability to automate your posts so you don’t have to deal with push notifications.

Other features you will love is their analytics and discovery tools. If you have no content to post but don’t want to leave your audience guessing what happened, you can regram your favorite posts.


Create impressive visuals and social graphics using Canva’s drag and drop dashboard. They make it easy for anyone, even if you don’t have a designer’s bone in you, to create graphics. Choose a template for the social channel you are posting to or create your own from scratch.

They also make it easy to collaborate with your team. Share design templates directly in Canva or email to keep things consistent.

Lastly, the dashboard contains a large amount of free, $1 and premium stock photos you can add to your designs. Skip purchasing expensive stock photos from other sources!


If paid stock photography isn’t in your budget the best place for royalty-free photography is Unsplash. There are other sources, such as Pixabay and Pexel, however, I’ve personally found Unsplash to have the most creative and best selection.

You don’t need to credit the photographer when using these photographs. They are freely useable, high-resolution images you can use commercially or non-commercially. This makes them perfect for use on social media or blog. Be aware though that their free availability means they are being used more frequently by other people!


With these 6 social media marketing tools, you can manage your strategy in 2019 with ease. With changing algorithms and more competition to catch people’s eye, building that know, like and trust with your target audience is important.

If you thought to implement a social media marketing strategy in your business was to difficult before reading this post, I hope after learning some new tools that you can find a way to get started.

What social media tools are you currently using in your business?


  1. Paul @ SideGains says

    Thanks for sharing these tips Sarah. I’m a Tailwind user (it’s how I found this post actually) and I too highly recommend it for managing Pinterest activity.

    I also use Unsplash but as I spend more time working on Pinterest I see many of the images I’ve used in other people’s pins. They do have stunning images so I’m trying to balance using Unsplash with other royalty free sites and wherever possible I try to make my own. This is a massive overhead though.

    This may be a dumb question, so I’ll apologize in advance! Do Buffer and Hootsuite both work for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? If so and you had to choose from one of them, which would you go for?


    • Sarah Fournier says

      Unsplash is oversaturated now. I actually subscribed to a paid stock photography service when Pinterest announced “fresh” pins were going to be prioritized.

      As far as I know, Buffer and Hootesuite are the same – you can manage all your social media scheduling in one spot. I used Hootesuite a lot more than Buffer and prefer it over the other.

  2. ashley says

    All of these social media marketing tools are key! Buffer and Canva are life-changing for me. I haven’t tried tailwind, right now I’m just using Buffer, would you suggest tailwind over buffer for Instagram content? Thanks for sharing!

    • Sarah Fournier says

      I haven’t used buffer in a while so I’m not sure which would be better for Instagram. What I like about Tailwind for Instagram is planning out your grid and the SmartBio you can add to your Insta Profile. If we were talking about Pinterest though, I always recommend Tailwind.

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