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Perfect Career Choices for Introverts

How many people are trapped in a job that requires them to be someone their not? How many of these are introverts?

I’ve definitely felt like one of these people from time to time.

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True story: I’ve been instructed many times that I need to be more friendly while working in the food services industry. In fact, I was even told to act more friendly in an interview because I didn’t seem like I was!

“You don’t seem very friendly, can you do something about that?”

I have no idea why that even came up in an interview. I seriously spent the rest of it trying not to cry!

Despite having “friendliness” appear in my reviews with past employers, I excelled at these jobs and enjoyed them for the most part. I just couldn’t give that perky overly social attitude all the time, it’s just not me!

Perfect career choices for introverts. Photograph of a young woman hiding half her face.

Introverts in the Workplace

According to, there are a lot of jobs that work well with extroverted traits. For example, sales, communications management, and executive positions all require interaction. For an introvert in the workplace, whether or not they find a way to do well in these positions, might feel overwhelmed and unsatisfied.

In addition to fitting into the workplace, introverted personality traits might be perceived as shy, having a poor work ethic or being inept. This all stems from a misunderstanding and ignorance on how to place different personality types to certain tasks.

Introverts prefer to work in quiet and peaceful environments free from distractions. To be the best version of themselves, introverts need to be able to think and act creatively.

With this in mind, there are career choices that work well for introverts.


Perfect Career Choices for Introverts


Why This Works: 

Writing is often a solitary task that requires thinking and creativity. I firmly believe that introverts may not be good conversationalists BUT we are damn good writers. In fact, when writers do interact with others it can often be done through email!

Career Examples:

Blogger (*raises hand), novelist, article writer, lyricist, playwright, and freelance writers.



Why this Works:

Similar to writing, transcribing involves putting speech into written form. It requires the ability to concentrate and type quickly. It is always a task done alone, usually with the use of headphones and specialized transcribing equipment. Interaction is almost non-existent.

Career Examples:

Translator, data entry, legal transcription, captioning, medical transcription, and court reporter. In addition, related positions include proofreader, editor, or copyist.


Film or Video Editor

Why This Works:

Film or video editors do much of their work alone on a computer. The only time you might have to interact is discussing the project with your client or team. You can work for a production team, as a freelance editor or join the world of vlogging.

Career Examples:

Film or video editor, vlogger


Collections or Archives

Why This Works:

Working with the collection of a museum or archives of a city, corporation or country involves very little interaction with the public. You will have to participate in meetings, give the occasional presentation and meet with donors. Despite this, most of your time is spent working with databases, filing, and researching.

Career Examples:

Collections manager, registrar, archivist, conservator, librarian


Computer Programmer

Why This Works:

Similar to a video editor, computer programmers spend a lot of time alone on their computers. The interaction you may have is through phone, email or in-person contact with your client or team.

Career Examples:

Coding, software development, operator development, testing computer programs



Why This Works:

Photographers take pictures of various subjects such as still life, nature, people, and products. While photographers sometimes have to interact with their client or subjects, the task is usually quiet. Photographers usually spend a lot of time alone editing their photographs before publishing. This career is perfect for introverts who like an adventure because the job takes you to various locations.

Career Examples:

Freelance photographer, portrait photographer, stock photographer, commercial photographer, and news photographer.


Lab Technician

Why This Works:

Lab technicians process doctor’s requests for tests, such as blood draws, saliva samples, and urine tests. Some lab techs perform the blood draws and others just analyze the sample. Depending on your preference for social interaction you can consider which roles you prefer. The lab tech is a great position for introverts because you spend a lot of time in a lab going through the procedures with samples.

Career Examples:

Lab technician (pretty self-explanatory, though the tasks might be different)


Graphic Designer

Why This Works:

Graphic designers work as freelancers or permanently with a company. They create visual designs for advertisers, websites, events and other visual needs. Graphic designers meet with clients at the beginning of a project but spend the remaining time working alone.

Career Examples:

Multimedia designer, logo designer, flash designer, photo editor, Photoshop artist, web designer, layout artist, and brand identity designers.


Social Media Manager

Why This Works:

Many introverts prefer to work alone and creating a brand over social media means they can hide behind a laptop. Social media managers plan social media strategies, branding, optimize for SEO, improve engagement and sales, manage online content and build brand awareness and reputation.

Career Examples: 

Content creator, blogger, digital marketer, virtual assistant, digital media producer, analytics manager, influencer and brand ambassador.


Take Away

As an introverted multipotentialite, I’ve dabbled in many of the above positions in the last four years.

My most recent project has been the launch of Caffeine and Conquer and I couldn’t be more satisfied. Blogging incorporates the position of a writer, video editor, computer programmer (website coding), photographer, graphic designer, and social media manager.

With a background in museum studies, I have also worked as a collections manager for a short period of time and studied in a lab in college.

Lastly, I casually work from home transcribing media into captions for CrowdSurf!

The fact that I’ve gained some experience in each of the career choices above is not a coincidence. As introverts, we’re drawn to positions that are quiet, allow us to work alone and allow us to think without distraction. I share that personality trait so it makes sense I am drawn to these types of tasks!

Although I’ve only listed 9 career paths, there are so many more that fit the same mold. If you are interested in discovering more positions that fit your needs I encourage you to research it.

There is nothing worse than being in a position just to pay the bills. You also won’t be happy if you have to change yourself to meet the expectations of the job. If you take anything away from this post it is to find a position that fits your personality type, one that allows you to feel happy and content and doesn’t leave you drained of energy. As introverts, our energy is important to treat it dearly!


Have you discovered a career that works for you and isn’t on the list above? Share in the comments below!


From writers to social media managers, there are certain career choices that are perfect for introverts. Quiet, distraction free with little social interaction means more energy and content with your career. Click to read more about introvert jobs or pin for later. #introvert #introverttips #introvertjobs



  1. Liesel Teversham says

    Great article, Sarah! I was also stuck in a career where I was no longer happy – I’ve made 2 major career transitions so far. One of them was as a computer programmer – and I stopped being happy there when I was stuck on a project that was all about maintaining an old system, and I was not learning anything new. I love how you give great examples of what might work for introverts. We DO need to be happy at work, since we spend so much time there.

    • sarah.fournier says

      Thanks! I think I read somewhere that we go through 5 career changes in your lifetime. I can imagine that as we grow, even if your 20 or 40 years old, career changes might go a long with that. What’s great though is we can bring those skills from our previous occupations into the next one!

  2. Cyndi Moskal says

    As my kids are reaching the age of choosing careers and colleges, I am going to make sure to include discussions on their personality traits and how they relate to their options. I never really thought of it that way before but it should be a big factor in the early research and decisions.

    • sarah.fournier says

      Great idea. I recommend having them go through the Myers Briggs test. Its a series of questions that help people understand how they perceive the world and make decisions. With the answer they provide you can look up careers that work well with their preferences.

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