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The Best Version of Yourself

You hear and read this all the time, “be the best version of yourself“. But what does this even mean?

Am I not just one person, so how can I be my best version?

Best Version of Yourself

My interpretation of this saying is that to be the best version of yourself you have to do what is right for you and no one else. Live to the best of your potential. To be the best version of yourself you have to be aware of what that is and move forward towards that goal.

Another way to think about it, which honestly might not be the healthiest way, is to look at how you portray yourself on social media. Most of us document our best version of ourselves, the sides of ourselves we want others to see. We choose to show only the best aspects of our lives.

You can use that to help you reflect on what you value most.

What Others Are Saying About Living The Best Version Of Yourself

In an effort to understand what this saying means to different people, I did a quick search online and came across many different answers.

To be at your best people agreed you need to:

Be satisfied in all areas of life 
Feel happy with yourself
Have a positive attitude
Eat healthily, stay active
Socialize More
Schedule In Me-time

There were many, many more but you get the idea. Being the best version of yourself means meeting your needs and reaching your full potential in all aspects of your life: career, leisure, relationships, health, and well-being.

If you are living to your full potential, if what you are doing is bringing out the best in you, then you are your best version of yourself.

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Take A Moment To Reflect On What Your Best Self Looks Like

Using a note-taking app, or piece of paper, think about your life, relationships, career, etc., and how you can improve in each to reach your fullest potential. Write them down and refer to them when you need a reminder of what brings out the best version of you.

Here’s What My Best Self Looks Like To Me

I thought about what I can do to be the best version of myself and here is what I came up with:


I want to be happy and excited about my career. When I wake up each morning I don’t want to dread the work I need to do. The best version of myself also values continuous learning and growth to push past comfort zones. My best self would not hesitate at an opportunity that scares her, she would be grateful and jump on the chance.


In a perfect world, I would have a good work/life balance. I would take time to myself, learn new skills and hobbies. My leisure time is deliberate, I spend my free time cultivating new enjoyments. I keep my mind active through creativity.


As an introvert, I find I don’t put as much energy into my relationships as I should. Since they’re important to me, the best version of myself would make an effort to maintain relationships. I would make plans with friends and go out, cultivate new relationships by participating in events and local activities. In addition, best self Sarah wouldn’t hang on to relationships that bring me down.


Health is a huge part of taking care of yourself. Therefore, in a perfect world, I would eat healthily and stay active, reduce animal consumption and eat more plant-based. I’d get fresh air and enjoy nature each day. Lastly, I wouldn’t avoid seeing my doctor regularly because I’m too scared (true story).


The best version of myself practices self-care in the form of journaling and meditation. I take time to slow down and notice things around me. I can live in the present. I say positive affirmations. I am happy and comfortable with my life.

Final Words On Searching For The Best Version of Yourself

It’s healthy to make small changes in your life and work towards your best version over a long period of time. What isn’t healthy is perfectionism and comparing yourself to others.

Strive for positive improvements and avoid those pitfalls.

I hope this helps you think about what your best version means to you. We strive to be perfect but that is not a healthy way to live. Instead, we should be living to the best of our ability, putting our best foot forward and maximizing our potential.

What’s your best version? Leave a comment!


  1. Sarah Fournier says

    I agree. Trying too hard to be perfect can actually be harmful, but if we know ourselves then bringing out our best selves can lead to feeling content and happy. Are you reading Pachinko for the Girly Book Club or just for fun?

  2. janna Conner says

    it's always hard to know how to be your best self but its important to always try! I'm about to start Pachinko as well!

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