Pinterest Marketing Checklist

Pin Titles Are Here! What You Need To Know

If you've been marketing on Pinterest for some time now you're probably familiar with the anatomy of a Pinterest Pin. A lot goes into making sure Pinterest knows how to index your content, from the visual content (pin design), the pin's description, the boards it's added to AND pin ... READ the POST

10 Ways To Begin Every Day In A Positive Mood

A good morning doesn't have to be an elusive creature we hear about but never experience. Anyone can begin every day in a positive mood, it all comes down to your habits and if you're willing to make some positive changes. I want to help you change your morning from a chaotic, ... READ the POST

Pinterest Account Suspended? – Here’s What To Do

At the time of writing this, Pinterest is going through some major updates. As a result, a lot of people are mistakenly getting their Pinterest account suspended for spam, including mine. Last week my account was suspended for that reason (but not really, more on that below). Using the methods ... READ the POST