Pinterest Marketing Checklist

How I Manage My Tasks With ToDoist

Earlier this year I completed the Productivity Masterclass by Thomas Frank on Skillshare. I highly recommend the course if you're interested in improving your productivity and time management skills. I've been using Frank's system for almost 6 months and, as a result, it's helped me become more ... READ the POST

10 Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Pinterest Manager

Pinterest...the search engine disguised as a social media channel. It's the place to discover new products and get inspired by beautiful home decor and DIY photographs. So why should you consider hiring a virtual Pinterest Manager and share your business on the platform? Long story short, ... READ the POST

DIY Your Space – Inspiration and Tips!

Alright, so, this isn't a home decor, DIY or craft blog but there is always a time and place for a good room spruce, am-I-right? Whether you work from home, are a homebody or only come home to eat and sleep, your space has an impact on your happiness. A clutter-free aesthetic can improve your ... READ the POST

6 Social Media Marketing Tools to Conquer 2019

If you're not using a social media marketing strategy in 2019 you're missing out on connecting with your target audience. Sharing on social media gives you the opportunity to reach more people and build that know, like, and trust factor that grows sales. With more small businesses investing in a ... READ the POST

How to Use Tailwind’s Tribes to Increase Repins

In this post, I'm going to share with you how you can use Tailwind's Tribes feature to increase your reach on Pinterest and make new connections with other bloggers. Lastly, I'm going to share with you my analytics from the 10 Tribes I add too, so you can get a real-time visual of how they help with ... READ the POST

Read More Books This Year With These 15 Tips

It's the middle of July and I'm slaying my reading goals this year. I'm actually set to double what I've been able to finish in the previous years and I'm very excited about that. I made some changes in my routine that allowed me to read more books this year and I thought I should share these tips ... READ the POST