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CreativeLive Review: Learn a New Skill in 2019

Disclosure: I received a free course of my choice from CreativeLive so I can share my opinion about their platform and courses. All opinions are my own. The article also contains affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission from any purchases made through them.

Just before Christmas break, I decided to invest in learning a new skill that would help my business in a positive way. I discovered CreativeLive through my affiliate network and felt it was the perfect platform for the type of courses I’m interested in.

CreativeLive specializes in live online courses for the arts, for people who create (hence the name). They have been providing valuable lectures for the last 7 years, accumulating over 15,000 curated classes, by 650 world-class instructors and 10 million students (including me now!).

I’m so grateful that they provided me with a free course of my choice so that I can learn and share my experience with you guys. Let me tell ya, it was well worth it!

Keep reading to learn more about CreativeLive, what course I took (and loved), what I liked about the platform and what courses I recommend for you.


There are several ways you can use your membership with CreativeLive, from free live classes, paid on-demand replays, and access to blog articles.

Screenshot of class options on

Part of CreativeLive’s mission and values is to make education accessible to everyone. One of the ways they accomplish this is offering access to 24/7 free live classes. You can access their list of upcoming on-air classes directly from their website or receive emails with upcoming classes when you sign up.

Of course, we’re not expected to be available all the time and there are some courses that should be referred to again and again. If you missed the live on-air class or would like to take one of CreativeLive’s past courses, they are always available for purchase on demand. The prices range anywhere from $29-$299.

Pro-tip: CreativeLive usually has a great sale going on if you wanted to wait for the perfect price for your budget.

Lastly, CreativeLive has a blog that is accessible by everyone. If you’re more of a reader these articles might be of value to you as they cover the subjects presented on the website.


For this review, I took one course from CreativeLive.

I scanned them all and there were several courses on my wishlist. Ultimately, I settled on Vlog Like a Boss by Amy Schmittauer (now Amy Landino) for $49.

Screenshot of Vlog Like a Boss by Amy Schmittauer on

I was aware of Amy through her YouTube channel, Podcast and knew she had a book published by the same name. I took this on-demand class because I wanted to improve my recording skills for my YouTube channel.

Her approach to vlogging was incredibly helpful. I was able to apply many of the tips I learned in the course in my most recent video. I found the most helpful aspect of the lecture was her step-by-step run-through of a vlog recording and video editing.


I liked CreativeLive because of the course subjects, recognizable professionals and the lecture style.

All of the courses are created for creatives such as myself. I could benefit from a lot of topics. Photo and Video, Money and Life, Art and Design are some of the categories I want to continue to explore.

I also recognized a lot of speakers such as Amy Landino, Mel Robbins and Sunny Lenarduzzi. Because the courses are presented by world-class professionals, the content is top notch!

The lecture style was similar to a TED Talk but with a smaller and engaged audience. The lectures were also divided up into modules to make them easily digestible. I completed Amy’s entire course in a single sitting (5.5 hours of material!), however, it’s not necessary.


I had a hard time choosing one course because there are just so many related to blogging and growth.

Listed are CreativeLive courses I suggest for blogging and personal growth interests:

  • How to Break the Habit of Self Doubt and Build Real Confidence by Mel Robbins
  • Launch a Profitable Digital Marketing Plan for Your Business by Ryan Deiss
  • Start Your Profitable Podcast and Build a Brand by Lewis Howes
  • Driving Traffic to your Online Business by Neil Patel
  • Build a Fan Base on YouTube by Sunny Lenarduzzi
  • Effective Email and Newsletter Marketing by Jeff Goins

This is not an extensive list. I highly recommend browsing CreativeLive’s collection of on-demand courses for more ideas.

Overall, I recommend CreativeLive as a learning platform for creative entrepreneurs. Whether you’re on a tight budget or can invest in a top-notch course, CreativeLive makes it possible for anyone to enhance their skills.

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