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12 Creatives Who Persisted in the Face of Failure

For every entrepreneur or blogger who succeeds, there are dozens who fail. Yet, those who succeed and those who fail have more in common than they think. They all face failure at some point in their journey. Sometimes multiple times. It’s what they do afterward that decides their fate. The creatives who persisted in the face of failure are the ones who ultimately get what they wanted.

As entrepreneurs, it can be easy to feel unmotivated when you don’t see results right away. It becomes even harder to continue if you failed the first, second or third time. However, in the face of failure, making the choice to consistently persist can have magical results.


The infographic below features 12 creatives who stumbled and failed many times before they succeeded.

I hope their experience inspires you to push through and keep trying. Just because your idea doesn’t work the first time doesn’t mean it’s not meant to be – as you will see below.

I’m grateful to Invaluable who gave me permission to share their infographic with you.


An infographic of 12 creatives who overcame great failure to succeed: Vincent Van Gogh, Oprah Winfrey, Walt Disney, Albert Einstein, J.K. Rowling, Sidney Poitier, Anna Wintour, Georgia O'Keeffe, Elizabeth Arden, Dr. Seuss, Chris Gardner, and Emily Dickinson


If these creatives hadn’t persisted in the face of failure we wouldn’t have the amazing legacies that they brought to the world. What we can learn from them is that failure is a normal part of the process.

I was humbled to learn that Georgia O’Keeffe suffered from an anxiety disorder but found ways to be inspired and gift us with her art. I’m aware that many of us writing online deal with similar mental health issues and aren’t allowing it to stop us.

In addition, I was inspired by the fact that Elizabeth Arden’s first business failed within its first 6 months. If she had given up we wouldn’t have her cosmetic products today!

As an online entrepreneur, you can draw inspiration from these figures. Starting a blog with the goal of making it your side hustle, or full-time job takes time! I know from my own experience, I didn’t earn a single penny until six months into writing for Caffeine and Conquer. If your current strategy isn’t working, is failing, then change your strategy and try again.

They call us creatives for a reason.

A pinnable image of a woman laying in grass with purple flowers and text overlay Creatives Who Overcame Great Failure to Succeed. What Do Oprah, Disney and Einstein Have in Common?


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