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DIY Your Space – Inspiration and Tips!

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Alright, so, this isn’t a home decor, DIY or craft blog but there is always a time and place for a good room spruce, am-I-right? Whether you work from home, are a homebody or only come home to eat and sleep, your space has an impact on your happiness. A clutter-free aesthetic can improve your overall wellbeing and the right space can inspire, increase happiness and health.  This is why I want to bring you some inspiration and tips to DIY your space as well!

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If you love watching all the fixer-upper shows on HGTV you will easily see where I got the inspiration for my own interior styling. I’ve really been enjoying the vision of Erin Napier on Home Town and Chip and Jo on Fixer Upper. While I don’t have a $70k budget to remodel a home, I can pick away at different sections of my basement apartment to get the same look and aesthetic.

Without further ado, keep reading to find out what I did (I’ve even included links so you can copy my look). Enjoy!


There are two areas I’ve been able to style since moving in: my living room area and recessed shelving space.

How to DIY Your Space With Recessed Shelving

A photograph of recessed white shelving styled

One of the perks of the space I’m renting is the recessed shelving. It takes up less space in a room than regular shelving and can be painted the same color as the walls. In my opinion, it’s more aesthetically pleasing and I was excited to have a space for all my trinkets.

An interior styling tip I picked up over the years is to have a variety of objects and not to over clutter shelves. It’s nice to have a lot of books but shelving like this packed full of books isn’t as appealing – a mistake I’ve made in the past. When styling my new shelving I focused on adding some books, some photos, and little trinkets. I played around with combining different sized objects for a more dynamic look.

For example, on the 3rd shelf, you see my collection of 9 self-help books, a small vase with faux daisies, a glass paperweight and two small candles.  The perfect #shelfie.

Get the look:


How to DIY Your Space with a Round Coffee Table

This week I adopted a second-hand coffee table that used to be my grandmother’s, found it’s way into my sister’s basement and then to my parent’s house. Initially, I didn’t want to add it to my space because it’s second hand and I’m trying to avoid mismatched furniture. BUT, it fit my space really well and I warmed up to it. The only problem was it needed more. With my DIY your space inspiration from HGTV I thought I can learn how to style this coffee table…and I did!

On the left is the table, solo; on the right is the table with the styling objects I picked up.

Before and after photographs


Instantly the table appears homier and inviting. It’s amazing how adding a few strategic objects can change a piece of furniture.

Here’s a closer look.

A photograph of coffee table styled with a faux wood tray and objects


A photograph of coffee table styled with a faux wood tray and objects

A closeup photograph of the tray with fake lavender, glass bottle and gold bird.

I wasn’t sure how to style a round coffee table. Do you stick to round objects or avoid them at all cost? I did a quick Google search and came across a YouTube video that helped me a lot.

The takeaway:

  1. Style the table in the shape of a triangle
  2. Start with a focal point, which is usually your largest item (eg. plant)
  3. Avoid too many round objects
  4. Include items of various heights
  5. Add layers

As you can see I choose to style my table with a faux wooden tray and added various objects and layers inside it. I’m happy with how it turned out!

Get the look:


I hope my interior styling experiment has inspired you to DIY your space as well! I would love to see how you’ve personalized your own space using the tips above. Send me a DM on Instagram and don’t forget to take lots of pictures!



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