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How To Find Instagram Hashtags With Ease

Instagram is one of my favourite visually focused social media platforms. I’m amazed at the amount of work some of the Influencers put into their feeds and aim for that level. There is so much work that goes into creating a professional feed, including planning a theme, filters, photography, composition, creating the perfect caption and choosing the right Instagram hashtags. In addition, there are many resources such as apps that are targetting users like us.

I remember when I first started sharing on Instagram. Smartphone cameras weren’t as good as they are now so my photographs were extremely poor in quality. It was also a personal account so my captions described what was happening in the photograph (“my cat is invisible”). I also didn’t completely understand the power of hashtags and how they can help you get discovered by other users.

It’s no surprise my engagement was low.

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An Instagram hashtag is a keyword or phrase preceded by the pound (“#”) symbol. On Instagram, when a word begins with the pound symbol it turns it into a searchable keyword you can click on called a hashtag.

These are used to group similar photos, themes, ideas, products, etc. on the platform so they can be accessed by interested users.

For example, I recently shared this photograph of some coffee beans with the caption and hashtags:

You can never have enough coffee, am I right? Especially as an entrepreneur working long hours starting a biz! I got these Fair Trade Columbian beans in bulk from @bulkbarn. What’s your go to brand? #caffeineandconquer #coffee #coffeebeans #roastedcoffee #packagefree #caffeinate #entrepreneur #hustlemode #glassjar #makersbiz #startupbusiness #businessgoals


If a user searched for posts using those Instagram hashtags there is a chance they will come across my post!

As a blogger, choosing the right Instagram hashtags can attract the right readers, increase your reach and engagement.

But how do you know which hashtags to use?



There are plenty of ways to discover useful Instagram hashtags for your posts – some better than others.

Here is some method I have used:

  • Guess hashtags and choose suggestions while posting your photo on Instagram
  • Google search popular hashtags in your niche (these can be overly saturated or outdated)
  • Use Tailwind’s Hashtag Finder 2.0

It’s using Hashtag Finder 2.0 that I’m most interested in, so keep reading!

Tailwind's Instagram Hashtag Finder Tool



I love Tailwind app for Pinterest, but did you know it can also be used for Instagram? They recently improved their Hashtag Finder (hence the “2.0”) and it’s definitely worth sharing.

The Hashtag Finder works by generating Instagram hashtag recommendations for each individual post. What I love about this feature is how easy it is to choose the best hashtags and to quickly add them to your caption. I’ll explain how each step works through the desktop app on a PC (sorry Apple users!).


Here are the instructions again, in case the video doesn’t work!

Upload Your Photo

Once you’ve set up your Instagram account on Tailwind upload an image into your “Drafts”. After it has been uploaded you can then add your caption and select your hashtags.

Adding Hashtags

You will notice when you start to input your caption text Tailwind automatically starts suggesting hashtags based on your caption. There is no need to research relevant hashtags because it’s provided for you!

The suggestions are colour coded based on which are likely to get you the most reach. There are four distinctions: niche, good, best and competitive. The app decides this based on how often the hashtag is shared. For example, an Instagram hashtag with 2 million shares is too competitive. If all of your hashtags were competitive your post won’t show very long and will get lost in the million other posts. These hashtags are shown in orange on the app. In comparison, a hashtag with 200,000 shares is considered best because it’s used enough that people are searching for it but isn’t overly competitive so your photo is more likely to be seen. These appear in dark green.

Hashtag Lists

Another great feature of the Hashtag Finder 2.0 is hashtag lists. Tailwind gives you the option to collect a list of hashtags that are working well for you. This makes it easier to add them to future posts then add any new relevant tags.

This feature is similar to its Board Lists for Pinterest.

Add to Queue and Publish

After you finish adding up to 30 Instagram hashtags, submit your completed post to Tailwind’s queue. If you have set up auto-post Tailwind will post for you. However, if you don’t have it set up you will receive a message letting you know when it is time to publish.

That’s it! Upload, hashtag and publish in a few quick steps without having to research Instagram hashtags beforehand!



Check out these other Tailwind features available for Instagram:

Smart Schedule

Schedule your posts when your followers are most engaged. Tailwind can do this because they analyze your account to find the best times to post. Then, they generate a “smart schedule” based on these times.

The benefit to you is your likely to receive more likes and comments during times of high engagement.


Manage your social media more efficiently by auto-posting directly from Tailwind. Schedule your post once and Tailwind does the rest of the work for you.

You can work on other business tasks instead!

Easily Regram

Another feature I love about Tailwind for Instagram is the ability to share other peoples content. Have you ever seen posts that had the hashtag #regram and credited another account? This is usually because someone is sharing another users post.

I love this because sometimes someone shares a post that would resonate really well with your followers, so why not share it! Just make sure you’re giving full credit to the original poster.

Extra Analytics

Lastly, Tailwind provides further analytics data to illustrate your profile’s growth, best posts and help you use that information to provide better content for your audience.



Tailwind offers a free trial to anyone interested in trying the app out for themselves. With the trial, you can schedule 100 pins with a Pinterest account and 30 posts with an Instagram account before deciding to subscribe.

You also have access to Tailwind’s tutorial videos, which will help you get the most out of it.

If your thinking, “what am I waiting for, I want to up my Instagram game”, sign up here!


Discover fresh hashtags with this app. Stop guessing and start choosing Instagram hashtags that work.


    • sarah.fournier says

      I understand. It’s hard to focus on all social media platforms at the same time and put the same amount of effort in.

  1. Pam says

    I keep hearing such good things about Tailwind, I think I really need to jump on the bandwagon! Thank you for sharing – hashtags drive me crazy.

    • sarah.fournier says

      Yes! I believe you will hear more about it soon. It seems now that everyone relates Tailwind to Pinterest, they are promoting the heck out of their Instagram features too.

    • sarah.fournier says

      Thanks for commenting. To each their own right? We’re not going to like every social media platform out there, but Instagram is a great way to connect with people!

    • sarah.fournier says

      Now that Board Booster isn’t available I think Tailwind is going to become the #1 tool bloggers use to help manage their social media scheduling. It’s definitely worth the small monthly investment!

    • sarah.fournier says

      If you’re interested in an extended trial I have a referral link that would give you a free month after you complete their trial. Is this something you would like to do?

    • sarah.fournier says

      Yes! Everyone is using it these days because Board Booster closed down. I recommend using the trial version to see how you like it! It’s what got me hooked 🙂

    • sarah.fournier says

      They have really become a leader in Pinterest scheduling. Most people don’t realize you can manage your Instagram too! Thanks for commenting.

    • sarah.fournier says

      Tailwind elevates it by suggesting hashtags based on your caption, rather than hashtag searches. Thanks for commenting 🙂

    • sarah.fournier says

      Instagram is definitely difficult to master in my opinion. Tailwind makes the hashtag search really simple and easy.

  2. Kathryn at QuestFor47 says

    Great resources! I just purchased a Tailwind subscription for my Pinterest account, and once I have the budget and really start focusing on my Instagram, I’m going to add it too. I’m so excited for this hashtag finder!

    • sarah.fournier says

      Everyone is using it for a reason! It’s like having a little virtual assistant that’s more affordable haha. Saves me so much time each week.

  3. Monica says

    I have been trying to increase my presence on IG so this is a great post. I know they say to try and focus on the slightly less popular hashtags so that maybe more people will see your stuff within your niche. Will check it out!

    • sarah.fournier says

      Exactly. I try and use hashtags that have around 200,000 posts and a couple of competitive ones. Tailwind colour codes their hashtag suggestions to help with that.

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