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Grow Your Email List 8 Different Ways

Signing up for an email service and simply placing opt-in forms on your website is sometimes not enough to get the growth you want. Luckily, experts in email marketing have developed proven techniques to help you grow your email list.

In 2019, it’s common practice to offer readers an incentive for signing up to your list. With newsletter marketing being so common, you need to make your subscribers feel like they are getting something, besides a full inbox, out of signing up.

It’s these different methods of providing incentives that I’m going to cover in this final post on email marketing.

Before we get started, if you haven’t set up your email list yet, I recommend starting with these posts first:

Two notebooks and a pen


Below are several proven ways people are growing their email list. I recommend trying out a few to figure out what works for you and your audience.

Content Upgrades

Possibly one of the most widely used incentives is offering subscribers a content upgrade for opting-in. A content upgrade is exactly what the name suggests: premium content that isn’t shared anywhere else and offers value to the subscriber.

The upgrade is normally sent via email or accessed on the landing page after the visitor opts-in. This is my favorite method to entice people to sign-up for two reasons:

  1. It’s very effective
  2. You can learn about a subscriber’s interests based on what they signed up for!

Here are some content upgrade ideas you can create for your opt-in:

  • The first two chapters of an e-book you’re selling
  • Checklist (eg. Spring Cleaning Checklist)
  • Email course (eg. Master Pinterest in 5 Days)
  • Free resource library
  • Printables
  • Templates (eg. Pinterest pin templates)
  • Free stock images

Social Media Integration

I can’t think of any social media channel that doesn’t allow you to add a link to your profile page. So, the second way to grow your email list would be to add your landing page links to your social media profiles.

You can also make it easier for people to sign up by alerting them to your landing page and content upgrade in your social media header. I’ve done this on my Twitter and Facebook page.

Facebook has a handy feature that allows you to add a newsletter sign-up button on your business page, note the screenshot below.

A screenshot of Caffeine and Conquer's Facebook business page

If you don’t have the swipe up feature on Instagram, you can alert your followers to your opt-in link through your stories or going live.

Be creative and look for ways you can integrate and grow your mail list on social media.

Host a Giveaway

I have not tried this method personally but it can be used to increase subscribers the same way it attracts social media followers.

In combination with paid ads or collaborations, you can draw attention to a giveaway landing page and gain subscribers that way. You would, of course, need to purchase something for the giveaway but it can be an effective way to grow your email list.

Host a Webinar

A popular way to increase your list is by hosting a webinar. While I haven’t hosted my own (#shy), I’ve participated in several webinars. I actually love them and think they are a great tool to connect with people, build trust and authority.

You can grow your email list easily by hosting your own webinar. To sign up and learn what you plan on teaching, viewers would need to provide their first name and email address. And ta-da! Just like that, you have a new contact.

Offer a Discount or Coupon

Do you offer services or products on your website? To show appreciation to people who sign-up to your email list you could offer a special discount or coupon only available to subscribers.

This is a really useful one since everyone is looking for a great deal. I often see this method used in the brick-and-mortar store newsletter but it can be used for online services as well.

For example, if you sell personalized t-shirts online you could offer a 10% discount to new subscribers. You would then include the discount code in the welcome email.

Leverage Pinterest

Pinterest is my favorite visual search platform because it’s really easy to start driving traffic to your blog with it. Similarly, Pinterest can be used to grow your list by driving traffic to your newsletter landing page!

All you will need to do is create a vertical pin using a program like Canva or Picmonkey, upload it to Pinterest and link it to your landing page.

Continue to reshare your landing page pins every couple of weeks. You can do this manually or use SmartLoop in Tailwind. Don’t forget to change your pin design often to avoid getting flagged as spam!


I’ve seen this done a couple of times among bloggers. If you have connections with bloggers whose audience is similar to yours it can be beneficial for both you to partner and increase each other’s email list.

A popular method to accomplish this is by promoting each other’s content upgrade in your newsletter.

Their audience will be exposed to what you offer and vice versa. It’s a great way to increase your reach and grow your email list.

Host a Challenge

Lastly, a common way to grow your list is to host a challenge. The only way to sign up for the challenge would be through your landing page or sign-up form. You can host this challenge through email or any other platform you can leverage.

I have seen online entrepreneurs increase their sign-ups by advertising a challenge they are hosting in a Facebook group. They grow their group and grow their email list at the same time. It’s a win-win!

Some challenge ideas you can use to grow your list include:

  • Launch a blog in 5 days
  • Master your Pinterest in 5 days
  • Launch a new product or service
  • Create your personal brand
  • Etc…


Now that you’ve finished by email marketing series, you’re probably wondering “what are the next steps”?

My best advice to you is to be consistent and ready to evolve. Take advantage of the statistics and analytics provided by your email service provider to help you decide what’s working and what isn’t.

Create new and valuable content upgrades each month to attract new subscribers.

And remember to be as personal as you can in a professional environment. Connecting online is different than in person. Authenticity, integrity and being genuine are highly valued.

So go forth and collect those contacts, build relationships, nurture your audience and grow your empire.

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