How Many Times A Day Should You Pin For Improved Engagement?

A question we’ve all asked at one point or another, “how many times a day should you pin to Pinterest?”. If you’ve been active on Pinterest for some time now you’re well aware the recommendations change every couple of years.

In 2018, it wasn’t uncommon for bloggers to be pinning 50-100x per day. It was also easier to increase your engagement, saves, and link clicks too. The more often you pinned, the better your return was.

Those days are long gone, requiring the frequency at which we pin to be a lot more strategic. In this post, I’m going to answer the question, “how many times a day should you pin?” based on current industry recommendations as well as my own experience as a Pinterest Manager.

How Many Times A Day Should You Pin?

What The Latest Recommendations Are

Pinterest’s current recommendation is to pin fresh content. What this means for your pin scheduling and frequency is that new content is more important than a continual rotation of your older pins (which is what we used to do in the past).

Pinterest’s latest guidelines mean you can reduce the amount of times you pin each day, as it’s not the number of pins that matters anymore. The current algorithm wants to see fresh content, new images, new titles, new descriptions etc.

Through their communication with Pinterest, Tailwind recommends pinning around 15-25 pins per day to stay relevant and consistent without getting flagged by Pinterest’s spam filter. Although these numbers aren’t for everyone, they do caution against going over 50 per day.

In my experience, pinning 3x per day or 15x per day will drive results and will be unique to each account. Take the considerations below into account when deciding what is best for your business or blog.

What To Consider When Choosing A Pinning Frequency

When planning your pinning frequency, there are several factors you should consider that’s going to be unique to every business and blog. I wish I could give everyone the same recommendation but it will vary from account to account.

Asking yourself these four questions will help you answer the question “how many times a day should YOU pin”:

  • How much content do I currently have that I can share on Pinterest?
  • How often do I create new content, products, etc.
  • How old is my Pinterest account, and what’s the size of my audience?
  • How much time do I have to commit to creating pins for my content?

A blog with very little content will start with a lower pin frequency than a blog that’s been established for years. In addition, the amount of new content you create each week will also influence how many times a day you should pin. Lastly, if your Pinterest account is new, I recommend starting slow to build up your audience and engagement before increasing your pinning frequency (more on that below).

Is There A Pinterest Pin Limit?

There is no limit on Pinterest for how many pins you can pin each day, HOWEVER, they do have a spam filter. Accounts that pin the same images or content to frequently often get flagged for spammy behavior. To avoid your Pinterest account being suspended or deactivated make sure to space out your pins on an interval.

How Many Pins Is Too Many?

As mentioned about, there is no longer a need, or benefit to pin 50 or 100 times each day. In fact, pinning to often can hurt your engagement and drive down your reach. Pinterest’s current algorithm favors content pinners engage with. If you’re pinning to often and your pins aren’t getting pin clicks, saves, or outbound clicks, this signals to Pinterest that people aren’t interested in it. This will cause your pins from ranking in search results as often and will hurt your growth on the platform.

Rather than focusing on pinning more often, start with a consistent schedule of 1-3x per day, using fresh images or pins, and watch your engagement analytics. If you see your engagement going up this signals that you can begin to increase your pin frequency (if you have the content and time of course).

Do I Need To Repin Other Users Content?

This is another question people often ask when planning their Pinterest marketing strategy and wondering “how many times a day should you pin?”. Although it’s no longer necessary to share other users content, there are some instances where it can benefit you.

When asking yourself “how many times a day should you pin”, repinning other users content might come into play. For example, if you don’t have a lot of content to share on Pinterest but want to remain active and consistent on the platform, repinning other users content can help achieve that.

However, if you’re able to commit to creating enough fresh pins each week to maintain a consistent pinning strategy you can opt-out of sharing other user content. It’s really a personal preference.

What About Repinning Your Older Content?

When Pinterest made the statement in February 2020 that the new algorithm was going to favor fresh content it caused a lot of anxiety.

What about all our old pins we’ve been sharing on Pinterest for years? Are they just going to stop driving traffic to our websites? Do I stop repinning my older pins?

Although Pinterest is recommending we create new content to share on Pinterest when we can, I am still seeing significant traffic from older pins that have done well on the platform for years (as are many other bloggers and pinners).

There is still a benefit to repinning your older pin images, however, it shouldn’t be the focus of your entire strategy. If the pin is still working for you, go ahead and share it again 6 months down the road, but make sure the majority of the pins you are creating use new images and titles, or new content. This is a more sustainable approach as Pinterest often makes recommendations and changes occur much later.

Here’s How I Schedule My Pins

My pinning schedule is pretty simple. I have 80 blog posts on Caffeine and Conquer (as of writing this post), which is a good amount for consistent pinning. However, where I lack is time (because I’m running all my clients Pinterest accounts instead)! So I’m happy with publishing 1-3 pins per day, with them spaced out 7 days apart to avoid being flagged as spam.

With my client accounts, it’s not uncommon for them to be pinning between 6 – 20x per day depending how active they are online (means more content for me to share). I usually space out their pins between 7-18 days for evergreen content and 4-7 days for seasonal.

So, How Many Times A Day SHOULD You Pin?

If you can take away one thing from this post that will answer that question I hope it’s: more pins does not equal better engagement.

When asking yourself “how many times a day should you pin?” I recommend starting small and growing from there. That might mean 1-3 times per day, or 15 times per day. Pay attention to your engagement rate and make adjustments based on what you see.

What Next?

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