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How To Be Your Best Self in the New Year

There are only two months left of 2019 and I’m already thinking about how I can uplevel the next year. Since this blog is about living your best life I thought I would share my tips to be your best self in the coming New Year.

The key to being your best self is to make small micro changes over a long period of time. If you’re looking for a quick-fix that’s just not going to happen. Plus it puts a lot of pressure on yourself, which isn’t healthy.

Continue reading to find out how you can encourage slow growth in 2020 to continue to become your best self.

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Be Your Best Self By Reading Some Self-Help Books

There’s a lot of debate about whether the self-help publishing industry does more harm than good. Like junk foods, anything can be unhealthy in excess and consuming too much information and trying to incorporate them into your life won’t yield the results you want.

On the other hand, reading a few self-help books throughout the year can actually help you gain insight to make appropriate adjustments. You might discover that your current mindset and internal thinking is affecting the decisions your making in a negative way. Or, you could learn simple tools to become more resilient and bounce back from failures (something a lot of us entrepreneurs need).

When choosing a self-help book look for authors that resonate with you. In my experience, some books were enlightening and spoke to me and others I didn’t enjoy. In addition, focus on self-help that incorporates scientific studies to back up the author’s points.

Here are some recommended self-help books you may want to look into. Also, check out the book reviews on this blog as a lot of them are for self-help books!

Start Setting Intentions, Not A Resolutions

I learned about setting intentions vs. setting resolutions last year.

Most of us set New Year’s resolutions like “I will work out 4 days a week and get in shape this year”. We’re incredibly motivated in January; getting the gym pass, purchasing workout clothing, actually going to the gym and working out. Then, come February we lose motivation and forget the resolution. Sound familiar?

It’s because we really didn’t want to do it in the first place.

On the other hand, an intention is more flexible and positive. It’s less about the action and more about your attitude. Rather than setting goals for something you don’t want to do (ermm, exercise!), an intention is the act of manifesting something you dream of and long for. It’s the intent to do something you want to do, that adds meaning to your life, that makes these more effective.

For example, I set an intention at the beginning of this year to focus on my personal development. You could set intentions to eat more vegetables, find more time to relax, or even to make more money. You’re not stuck doing unwanted actions to achieve these results, instead, you’re setting the intention and manifesting it.

Be Your Best Self By Learning A New Habit Each Month

This tip is inspired by YouTuber Matt D’Avella who documents his 30-day habit experiments on his channel, which I’m obsessed with. If you’re going into 2020 with the intent to be your best self, I recommend using his method.

Not only is it hard to form a habit, but it’s also almost impossible to learn more than one at the same time. Come New Years, our overly motivated selves naively try to start all our amazing new habits at once. It’s not going to work, and we know that (unless 5 years old).

Rather than try to be your best self immediately, see it as a process you will be focusing on for most of your life. Like habits, growth takes work. So, if you’re intention is to learn new habits in the New Year, try one habit a month. This will give you time to really ingrain it in your brain and find out if it fits in with your lifestyle.

Find Ways To Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

This is something we should all be doing if we’re trying to be our best selves. Stepping outside of your comfort zone is extremely uncomfortable, however, it’s the best thing for growth!

Growth happens when you try something new and challenge yourself. Without personal growth, you will never be able to be your best self. Rather than live in your life, you should work on your life.

Be Your Best Self And Show Compassion To Yourself

Lastly, if your intention going into the New Year is to focus on being your best self it’s important to show yourself compassion. Avoid perfectionism and unrealistic expectations.

Being your best self does not mean being perfect. Rather, when we hear “be your best self”, it means living to your fullest potential, exploring how far you can go and living your truth.

Move forward with compassion for yourself and work towards your best self.



  1. Aaliyah says

    The hardest part is stepping
    out of my comfort zone, buutttt it’s the only
    way to reach new heights so I’m forced to push myself. Thanks for the article it called for a lot of self reflection, since I have to figure out what I will be doing after college

    • Sarah Fournier says

      You’re very welcome! Take baby steps towards your dream life and it will happen! Stepping outside of your comfort zone doesn’t always have to be a huge thing!

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