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How To Use Tailwind Tribes For Pinterest Growth (+ How To Grow Your Own)

All hail the Tribe! No seriously! When Pinterest announced a couple years back that they would be reducing the effectiveness of group boards we all cringed – but then came Tailwind Tribes and we could all breath a sigh of relief again.

Now, I’m assuming most of you haven’t been living under a rock. But, just in case there are still some of you with a heavy strategy on group boards I thought I would share everything I know up to this point about Pinterest’s stance on them. So here goes!

Group Boards Are So 2014, And Here’s Why

If you’ve been around for a while, Pinterest group boards use to be THE PLACE to get your pins seen by a wider audience. When you joined a group board your pins had the potential to show up in the feeds of followers of every other person in that board – it was magical.

In 2014, Pinterest changed their algorithm from one focused on your followers to one on based on your interests and the Smart Feed. Pre-2014, your feed would consist of pins from the people you followed, and in chronological order based on when the pins were published. Post-algorithm change, your feed is made up of content based on your interests and previous searches (similar to interest based advertising).

When this change happened, Pinterest users who relied on these group boards saw them become useless overnight (well, not that fast but you get the point).

Since then we’ve been trying to find ways to make group boards work for us, and failing.

Pinterest has made it clear they will be making them less useful over time and it seems to be that way.

So, if you haven’t yet, it’s time to break up with your group boards. It’s going to be tough, but your engagement will thank you for it! And you won’t be left in the dark either. Keep reading for what you’re going to do next!

Don’t Stress! There’s An Alternative – Tailwind Tribes

Tailwind! My favorite Pinterest scheduling and management app. I get giddy just thinking about how helpful this tool makes my life.

If you’re sweating bullets over archiving your group boards you will be happy to know there is an alternative – Tailwind Tribes.

Like group boards, you join Tribes relevant to your niche, add your content in the hopes that other users will share it, AND save other users’ content too. That’s the biggest difference in my opinion between GB and Tribes – they are monitored and you need to reciprocate or risk getting kicked out (the ladies in my Tribe are doing pretty good following that rule!).

Tribe hosts can see the ratio of pins you add and share:

Tribes Is For (Almost) Everyone

I’ve already gone over the basics of joining Tribes, sharing your content, and understanding the analytics. If you’re just getting started with them you might want to begin with this blog post. If you’re interested in getting more out of Tribes then keep reading!

First, it’s important to note that promoting to Tribes works for some niches and not others. If you’re a food blogger there are so many Tribes to join that are very active with high repin rates. Blogging and entrepreneurship is also a big one.

If you find you’re not getting anything out of Tribes, and you know for sure it’s not your pin design, then it might not be for you. Thankfully, for the majority of us, Tribes is a great way to increase awareness and traffic.

I’m going to share with you the exact strategy I use that got me from here…

To here…

Build A Tailwind Tribes Strategy That Works

It’s actually pretty simple once you create a system for discovering the best Tribes, always showing up, and building your brand.

Join the best Tribes

Every Tribe you join isn’t going to drive huge engagement. Some Tribes contain members who don’t have a lot of reach, while others contain members with huge audiences and therefore can generate a lot of repins for you.

If you have Tailwind Plus plan you probably have a limit of 5 Tribes. That is okay, it just means you will be leaving a joining Tribes until you find ones that give you a lot of repins. On the other hand, if you’re using a Tribes Powerup, with 10 – unlimited Tribes, this will be a lot easier for you.

I have unlimited Tribes now and it has definitely helped the process. Each week I search for and join a new Tribe in my niche. I’ll pin to that Tribe and pay attention to the engagement my pins are getting. If nobody is pinning my content I leave the Tribe. If the Tribe is benefiting me I stick around. It’s that easy.

Now back to those with only 5 Tribes. You can definitely do this, it will just take you longer to build up a good list since you can only test 5 Tribes at a time.

Show up every day

My second piece of advice for a good Tribe strategy is to always be seen. The best way to achieve this is to share to Tribes every day.

If you have 200 Tribe submissions you can add a pin to each Tribe each day of the week if you wish. If you’re limited to 30 submissions per month, I’ve found 2 pins every second weekday kept me consistent throughout the month.

The key is to give Tribe members as much opportunity as you can give them to share your content. The best way to do that is to have your pins appear every day!

Start your own Tribe

A good Tribe strategy means being in the right Tribes and showing up every day. You could even take your strategy further by starting your own Tribe. Anyone can create a Tribe. It’s great for brand awareness. And, in my opinion, can provide even more engagement for your pins. Because it’s your Tribe you can share your content as much as you like. The trick though is getting it in front of the right people.

How You Can Grow Your Own Tribe (and drive massive amounts of traffic in the process)

I have a Tribe called “Personal Development and the Laptop Lifestyle”. It started off slow. I wasn’t entirely sure how to draw people to my new Tribe, but I’ve learned with experience. It’s this information I’m including in this section to help you build your Tribe and get the most benefit in return.

One of the biggest mistakes I made when I launched my Tribe was expecting people to discover it and join. HUGE WASTE OF TIME!

The best way to grow your Tribe is to invite people within other Tribes. You’re probably spending a lot of time in there anyways and come across users whose content you love. There is a way to invite them to your Tribe so they can engage with YOUR content (and vice versa).

To invite someone to your Tribe simply hover over their name and select “Invite To A Tribe” in the popup window!


Didn’t I tell you it was easy?

One of the biggest benefits of hosting your own Tribe is the control you have over it. You get to control the quality of its members, the content, and you can REALLY push your content without any repercussions.

Serious About Pinterest & Tailwind Tribes Marketing?

You’re now ready to rock a new Tribes strategy that will increase your website traffic!

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