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How to Use Tailwind’s Tribes to Increase Repins

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In this post, I’m going to share with you how you can use Tailwind’s Tribes feature to increase your reach on Pinterest and make new connections with other bloggers. Lastly, I’m going to share with you my analytics from the 10 Tribes I add too, so you can get a real-time visual of how they help with marketing.

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Before we jump into the world of Tribes, it’s important that you understand Tailwind and how it’s used in online marketing.


Tailwind is a smart online scheduling, analytics, and marketing tool for Pinterest and Instagram. Over the years, it’s become a popular tool for most successful bloggers and growing businesses.

There are several features of Tailwind that make online marketing much easier than it used to be:

  • Bulk image uploads and hashtag and board lists make scheduling a quick and easy task
  • Tailwind determines when your audience is most engaged so you can optimize when to share new posts
  • The Smartloop features keep your evergreen content cycling online without you having to think about it
  • And lastly, Tailwind’s Tribes allows you to grow your Pinterest faster by collaborating with other members in your specific niche or interest


The rest of this post is going to look more deeply into that last feature, Tailwind’s Tribes.

You can think of them like Pinterest group boards, only better. With Tailwind’s Tribes, you join collaborative membership groups where you add pins and reshare pins from others in a similar niche.

How they differ from Pinterest groups is that members are required to reshare content (it’s actually tracked by the admin), which means you get more engagement and reshared. You can find some really specific niche groups, which help you get your content in front of the right audience.


Anybody with a free trial or paid membership account can use Tailwind’s Tribes. With the free trial and Plus Plan, you can participate in up to 5 Tribes with 30 submissions a month. There is an option to increase this number which I explain later in this post.

You are also not limited by your niche or business. There are thousands of Tribes that cover different interests. If you don’t find one that fits your needs you have the option to create your own and invite your network.


After you sign up for a free trial or paid membership you can discover new Tribes. In the left hand of your Tailwind dashboard (under your Weekly Summary) select the Tribes tab. From here you can either “Find a Tribe” or “Create a New Tribe”. I recommend joining other Tribes before started your own unless you’re someone who likes to jump right in.

When finding a Tribe you will notice several things. Some Tribes allow you to join immediately and others require that you request to join. You will also see information about the Tribe such as its activity score, member population, tags, and Tribe rules. I recommend previewing the rules and tags before joining so know whether the Tribe is a good fit for you or not.

When you are accepted in a Tribe it will appear in “Your Tribes”. If you’ve joined several they can be accessed in the dropdown menu.

A screenshot of Tailwind's Tribes dashboard


A screenshot of a Tailwind Draft with "Add to Tribes" button emphasized in red

You can share with Tailwind’s Tribes a couple of ways.

  1. Tailwind Drafts: When you upload a pin to Tailwind it will be saved in your Drafts section. From there, you can input the description and web address the pin goes to and upload it to your Tribes from the “Add to Tribes” button under your pin description. I like to keep a copy of all my top pins in my Drafts so that I can continue to cycle them in Tribes every couple of months.
  2. Browser Extension: Install Tailwind’s browser extension to be able to schedule your pins directly from your website or Pinterest. When you use the browser extension you will also have the option to “Add to Tribes” before scheduling. I prefer to use Drafts for Tribe management, however, this method works well too.


If you share your content with Tailwind’s Tribes it’s a requirement (and common courtesy) to share other members pins. Thankfully you can discover niched groups so you shouldn’t have any problems finding relevant content to share with your audience.

Sharing and scheduling from Tribes are done the same way you would schedule your own pin to your Tailwind queue. Simply choose the board(s) you want to add the pin to and press “add to queue”.

In your Tribe dropdown menu or in the individual Tribe’s member list you can see your pin/reshare ratio. Use this to guide your participation so you stick with the group rules.


If you’ve been sharing to Tailwind’s Tribes for more than 30 days you’re probably wondering if it’s making any difference for your marketing strategy. Tailwind collects data and compiles it in several ways so you can understand the impact of each Tribe.

  1. Tribe Overview and Your Results: Located in the dashboard of each individual Tribe. “Tribe Overview” lets you know how many reshares and repins the group has received in its lifetime. “Your Results” is specific to your pins and lets you know what the Tribe’s done for you since you joined. You can see numbers for reshares, repins and reach.
  2. Sharing Activity: Your sharing activity is the analytics for each individual pin you share to Tribes. When someone reshares from Tribes a red notification appears by your pin in that tribe. If you select it a window will open with information about who shared it, whether it’s scheduled or published, how many repins it’s received as a result, potential impressions and what board they pinned it to.
  3. Tailwind’s Tribe Digest: Each week Tailwind sends out an email called Tribes Weekly Digest. In it, you’ll find analytics for the pins you shared that weed as well as overall stats about the group. You’re automatically signed up for these emails unless you choose to opt-out.
  4. Insights: The Insights section of your Tribes dashboard is new and still in Beta testing. In this report, you will find lifetime analytics since you joined tribes (see mine below), Tribes activity results and weekly highlights. This is very similar to the Tribes Weekly Digest email but a lot easy to read in my opinion.


Once you’ve used Tailwind’s Tribes feature for a while you will start to max out your 5 Tribe limit. With only 30 submissions a month they get used quickly if you publish a lot of content. If you notice there aren’t enough submissions for what you need to share each month or you’ve found 5 engaging Tribes and want to scale your marketing strategy, it’s time to upgrade.

Tailwind offers Tribe Power-Up’s but allows you to increase the number of Tribes you can join and the number of submissions per month. These Power-Ups are tiered making them great for different budgets and marketing needs.

For and additional $7.49/month on your bill, you can increase to 10 Tribes and 80 submissions per month. There are higher and higher packages that follow, all the way up to unlimited.


A couple of months ago I decided to step-up my Tribes strategy and added the Tribes Pro upgrade to my bill. This allowed me to join 10 more Tribes and submit 50 more pins a month.

Here are my lifetime results using Tailwind’s Tribes. The ratio of pins, reshares and repins just goes to show how useful Tribes can be. The goal is to find niche Tribes with high engagement and add your content to them often.

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My Tribe Analytics as of July 18th, 2019

My Tribe analytics as of November 23, 2019


I understand adding a Tribe management strategy to your already busy schedule can make you want to pull out your hair. However, you don’t have to cringe at the thought anymore. If managing your Tribes is not for you, or you don’t have the time, I offer Tribe Management as a Pinterest Social Media Manager.

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