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Judgement – “Blogging isn’t a Real Job”


Bloggers and Influencers feel judgment for their career choices all the time!

Before I started this blog I never considered blogging to be a potential career option, though I quickly learned of its potential. Whether it is through affiliate marketing, offering services as a virtual assistant or selling your own products, there are so many ways to turn what used to be seen as a hobby into a full-time job.

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Despite this, blogging is often seen by some as not a “real job”.


I have been lucky that my parents have kept their opinion to themselves when I declared that I am putting my museum career aspirations on hold while I explore the potential of this new online world (which I had labeled the black market of millennial opportunities because I didn’t know it existed until now).

My male roommates’ reactions, on the other hand, were less positive and supportive. Between one laughing at me if I mentioned how busy I am (and jokingly telling people not to buy my paintings) to the other’s opinion that running an online business is easy (but at the same time telling me calling a blog a business is ridiculous and evidence of how stupid humans have become), I became very defensive about what I am trying to accomplish. The judgment was attacking my self-esteem and confidence.


Sadly, this is something bloggers and other creatives (such as artists or freelance writers pursuing careers in the arts) run into a lot – the opinion that what you are doing is not a “real job” – and that is not okay!

Many have blogged about this judgment:

1. Check out Megan’s post on responding to “blogging isn’t a real job” and why it is so much more.
2. Katie Davis writes on Huffington Post UK about the criticism she received as a mother supporting her daughter with a bloggers income in this post titled “Get Off Your Arse: Blogging Isn’t a Real Job!
3. Lianne, the creator of Anklebiters Adventures, shares her story of leaving her teaching job for blogging in “Oh You Are A Blogger? But That Isn’t Your Real Job, Is It?


Maybe it’s because we don’t follow the common mold of the 9-5 job. We have flexible hours, can work in our pajamas, have easy access to the fridge…Or is it that we sit in front of a laptop all day rather than on our feet?


Let me tell you, blogging is a lot of work and I have only dipped my toe in the water.  

It involves a lot of skills from various disciplines – writing, graphic design, photography, marketing, accounting, and analyzing data.

When I’m not writing my posts (which I try to do three times a week), I’m promoting my content on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, StumbleUpon, and Tailwind Tribes. I’m also planning ahead and taking photographs/searching for stock images for future posts. I’m interacting and connecting with potential readers on social media, reading and commenting on other bloggers posts and interacting with businesses that could be potential partners in the future.

When I have the chance I also like to think of the bigger picture and strategically plan for the following months. This might include researching different blogging strategies and making monthly goals and working towards them.

Because this is a lifestyle blog, everything I do and learn might inspire a blog post, so I am constantly thinking about that even when I take some time off for leisure.


So next time someone responds to your answer that your a blogger with condescending laughter or another impolite comment, just remind yourself that it is coming out of ignorance.

It takes gumption to leave a job in pursuit of freelance work. It also takes A LOT of hard work and dedication to growing your own business. Blogging is not for everyone – if you can do it, you enjoy it and have found success then that’s amazing. We need more support so let’s empower each other!



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  1. Tori Beard says

    I get these comments quite often. That it’s just a fancy term for wasting time at the computer. I can’t call it a job unless I’m making an income. Stick with it Sarah! Great post!

  2. Megan says

    Thank you so much for linking my post in this. You’re so right though – people need to think before they speak and open their minds before spouting off ill-informed opinions.

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