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10 More Valuable Habits of Highly Successful People

Last week I introduced 10 valuable habits of highly successful people. These habits give them the upper edge when it comes to focus, time management, following through with their goals and having a healthy mindset. However, it’s not an exhaustive list. There are so many more practices that contribute to their gain that I want to share in part two of this series.

Maybe you already recognize some of these habits in your own life. If you do congrats, you’re living your best life and are well on your way to success. If you find your struggling though, maybe choose a couple of habits from either post that would work well in your life.

Continue reading for 10 MORE valuable habits of highly successful people.


I’ve written about time blocking before because I think it’s a brilliant idea. Essentially, you schedule your entire day, week, or month by assigning everything to a time block. By doing so, you are aware of how much time you have in a day and can prioritize what is important to you. It’s a great technique for productivity and fitting in personal time.

Successful entrepreneurs cite time blocking as essential to their time management. By creating a block of time to focus on a specific task or goal, they are saying “okay I have four hours to complete this”. By dedicating that time, they are more likely to complete the task more efficiently than if they had given themselves an entire open day to work on it.


Have you ever been excited to tackle a list of goals only to fall behind, become unmotivated and forget about it? The problem probably was how you managed your goals.

Highly successful people have discovered that realistic goal setting is more effective. Tackling three daily goals is more useful than burning yourself out trying to juggle as much as you can. If you’re a procrastinator, maybe your putting off your tasks because the mountain is too high.

Therefore, follow in their footsteps and set realistic goals for yourself. Share your results in the comments below!


I love affirmations, though a lot of people think they are silly – but they really work and help you shift your mindset! Highly successful people see affirmations as valuable habits because of how powerful they really are.

To get the most of out of them, it is important that you say them out loud! They will have a stronger impact on your mindset this way. Hal Elrod recommends yelling them in the shower in the morning. Another common way is to say them to yourself while looking in the mirror. Here are a few of my favorite affirmations for success that I love:

  • “I am brilliant, bright and beautiful”
  • “I am living to my full potential”
  • “My ability to conquer my challenges is limitless; my potential to succeed is infinite”


Highly successful people never stop learning and growing. The minute you think you know everything and stop learning you will stop progressing. If you want to continually push the limits and grow beyond what you considered possible, you need to continue to look for areas of growth.

My favorite ways to go about this is through reading and doing. I am constantly consuming information from highly successful people. There is so much to be learned from their success. However, I also make sure that I am acting as well. It’s easy to get caught up into the cycle of consumption but if you’re not creating too then it’s useless. Absorb information but make sure it is adding value to your life in some way.


I’ve always had trouble with delegating tasks but it’s so important for growth. As an entrepreneur, it’s hard to trust other people to put the same thought and care into your work as you would. However, the never-ending list of tasks makes it almost essential to start delegating work if you want your business to grow.

Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin, has spoken about the importance of delegation in one of his blog posts:

As your business grows, seek out people who understand your ideas, want to build on them and can envision ways to make improvements in your business. As your responsibilities increase, delegating those that others can do better will free you to plan for the future and find new ways to develop your company.



Highly successful people see the value in networking and connecting.

Meeting the right people can open doors and provide you with valuable insight. In addition, making connections with your customers, readers or fans can provide a loyal customer base that will keep on giving.

We all have dream connections. These are people we see as more successful than us that we would love to meet one day. As an entrepreneur, these connections can help elevate our business and provide much-needed mentorship. While meeting these people in person might not be possible, you can still learn a lot from them by following them on social media, engaging with their content, reading their books, etc. If you’re lucky, and they have time, your efforts at reaching out might be rewarded.


There are only 24 hours in a day, however, there are valuable habits that can make those hours more productive.

In the first point of this post, I introduced the idea of time blocking. Another useful strategy to get the most out of your time is by batching your work. This works especially well for online entrepreneurs such as bloggers and YouTubers and is the reason many of them have been so successful.

To “batch” your work you need to plan ahead. If you do a lot of the same activities every week, find a time that you can batch similar work together and complete it all at once. For example, if you publish 8 YouTube videos a month dedicate one day to record them all at once. This is perfect if you spend a lot of time (or money) getting glammed up before recording.


“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”.

This is a very relevant valuable habit of highly successful people in the online entrepreneurial world. Relying on the continued success of one monetizing strategy is a recipe for eventual disaster. Actually, not that dramatic, but it’s worth considering.

Many successful online entrepreneurs rely on multiple revenue streams from blogging, freelance work, product creation and more. With changes in algorithms, digital marketing strategies and consumer habits, what worked before might not work a couple of years from now. It’s important to be able to adapt and not collapse when one of your previous revenue streams stops performing like it used to.


The idea that you have to push yourself to the point of burnout and continue pushing is completely counterproductive. There are successful people who live on 5 hours of sleep and promote this workaholic culture. I completely disagree with this lifestyle choice. Many highly successful people have been able to make it while taking care of themselves so don’t put yourself through that perfectionist torture.

Most of us need 7-9 hours of sleep to function properly. The secret to success is to find your sleep sweet spot. How much sleep do you need to feel refreshed and focused the next day?

While there will be times you need to power through a long night to meet a deadline, avoid making this your daily routine. It is not sustainable in the long term. Rather than deal with a setback once you burn out, take care of yourself by getting enough sleep so that you can bring your best self every single day.


The final point for valuable habits of highly successful people is that they avoid the victim mentality.

In Jen Sincero’s book “You Are A Badass: Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life”, she goes into detail about the story that we create for ourselves and how this affects our decisions. For example, we might use experiences from our past to explain our decisions in the present. Sometimes, we use these experiences to explain why can’t do something or why we’re stuck. However, as Sincero shows, we’re not really stuck, it’s just the story we have created for ourselves and it is holding us back. It’s thinking with a victim mentality.

Highly successful people know how damaging this can be and have found a way to bypass this hurdle. They don’t have a victim mentality or block and are able to see that anything is possible if they want to do it.

We should all think like them and adopt these valuable habits in our life. 

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