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Pinterest Account Suspended? – Here’s What To Do


At the time of writing this, Pinterest is going through some major updates. As a result, a lot of people are mistakenly getting their Pinterest account suspended for spam, including mine.

Last week my account was suspended for that reason (but not really, more on that below). Using the methods below I communicated with the Pinterest team and got it back within three days. Then, three days later it was suspended again! Yikes! I thought, “what in the heck am I doing wrong here“. And again, Pinterest reinstated my account to me within three days with an email explaining it was a mistake.

So, what do you do if your Pinterest account gets suspended? Don’t stress out and follow the two-step process below to get it back.

Pinterest Account Suspended? Don’t Stress – They Make Mistakes Too

If you had your Pinterest account suspended you will receive an email similar to mine:

Pinterest account suspension email

The dreaded suspension email we all hope we’ll never receive. Unfortunately, if you’re marketing on Pinterest the system that scans for spam accounts and activity will often mistakenly flag you too. It’s an error on Pinterest’s part, and one I wish they could refine, but for now, we have to keep informing them when it happens.

The key is not to stress out and follow the steps below.

Review Pinterest’s Community Guidelines For Spam

Pinterest has laid out guidelines, known as their Community Guidelines, to make sure their users know what to do and don’t on the platform. I recommend making yourself aware of their guidelines before emailing about your Pinterest account suspension. This will give you pointers on how you’re not spamming or you will learn that you are in fact doing something wrong.

According to Pinterest, they want quality content that is “useful”, “actionable” and provide “enriching experiences”. They don’t want:

  • Unsolicited commercial messages
  • Repetitive or unwanted posts (eg. pinning the same content 10x in a row to the same board)
  • Misleading content or behavior (eg.a pin that has nothing to do with the content it goes to)
  • Attempts to artificially boost views and other metrics (eg. participating in share threads other than Tailwind Tribes)
  • Off-domain redirects, cloaking or other ways of obscuring where a pin leads (eg. having a link redirect to another website when someone clicks a pin)

Tailwind’s created an amazing blog post on how to avoid being suspended for spam. If you’re wondering how often you should be sharing the same pin and more details about the Community Guidelines above then this is your post.

Now, what do you do if your Pinterest account was just suspended? Below are the steps I took to get my account back (and keep it back).

The Two Steps To Get Your Pinterest Account Back

When I received my Pinterest account suspension, the link in the email they sent me didn’t work. Instead, you can send two messages to Pinterest via these avenues:

Step 1: Submit a Formal Appeal in the Help Center

Fill out and submit this form to Pinterest’s Help Center. You will receive an email back from them saying they will look into it within a few days.

Step 2: Email Creators Support

Send a second email to They usually respond quicker than Help Center and are amazing for helping marketers with business accounts.

What you should include in your Pinterest account suspension emails

In my experience, and by observing other users attempting to get their accounts back, there are a few key points you should include in your emails if you want them to succeed:

  • Reference the Community Guidelines
  • Explain how you use Pinterest in a non-spammy way (eg. what you do, how often you add fresh content, if you use Tailwind app, how often you pin per day etc…)
  • Share that you appreciate everything they do to catch actual spammers
  • Be polite and patient!

Final Words…

If you follow the steps above and stick to Pinterest’s Community Guidelines you should get your account back without any problems.

Sometimes Pinterest will respond with an automated message that they can’t give you back your account. While this hasn’t happened to me, other Pinterest marketers have had that experience. If you email them back until it gets sent to an actual person you will likely get your account back.

The key is not to stress out, stay polite and be persistent.

Good luck!


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  1. Karolina says


    if I get an email saying:

    ”Hi there,

    Unfortunately, we can’t provide any more information about your account suspension.

    If you have a different issue, let us know.

    Does that mean that someone actually looked at my case and I am indeed a spammer?

    I would really appreciate your thoughts on it. Thank you!


    • Sarah Fournier says

      Hey Karolina! Is this a response from an email you sent to or from their help section forms? Creators-Support is usually more helpful in these situations, which is why I ask. I would assume the email is just a generic response and if you were to continue to email them explaining how you use Pinterest, and that you will do your due diligence to review your strategy, they should eventually give you your account back. It can get frustrating because they make it seem final but it’s not.

      Not too long ago I had a client account that was suspended. We were receiving a similar email back but also stating they weren’t going to reactivate the account and wouldn’t be responding further. We continued to email and her account was reactivated within 6 days!

  2. ellin says

    i also reveived that message after contacting creators-support :
    ”Hi there,

    Unfortunately, we can’t provide any more information about your account suspension.

    If you have a different issue, let us know.

    I wonder if this Ken is a bot or a human.. Because i explained everything very detailed and i can’t find any reason for suspension.. I never did what they said i did..

    • Sarah Fournier says

      Hi Ellin. I know your frustration! It’s either Pinterest has an automated answering system OR they have scripted responses they send to everyone. Definitely email them back and continue to email explaining why your suspended in error until someone actually looks at your account or returns it to you. Best of luck!

  3. ellin says

    Thank you very much for suggestions.. I replied back. I will wait for 2-3 business days, then i will file a complaint with the Better Business BureauI as someone else suggested.

    best regards

    • Sarah Fournier says

      If replying doesn’t work you should send a fresh email. Sometimes they close your case and replying doesn’t get you anywhere. I’ve never had issues getting accounts back, you just need to be persistent! Hopefully, Pinterest can find a way to separate people from getting flagged in error and actual spammers one day.

  4. Adil says

    Hello, My account was suspended and i don’t know why i don’t have any copyright design on my profile, please solve the problem because i’m so excited to work here on Pintrest .
    Thank You.

    • Sarah Fournier says

      Hey Adil. What have you done so far to get your account back? Have you emailed the support email address and explain you think it was an error. Normally if you consistently reach out they will lift the suspension.

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