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5 Podcasts Every Blogger Should Be Listening To

It’s only been recent, over the last six months, that I started listening to Podcasts regularly. They’ve become a source of indirect mentorship from some of my favorite entrepreneurs in digital media. I actually wake up on days a new episode is going live excited to hear what the topic is.

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A few years ago, I tried out so many different Podcasts and none of them has kept my attention as much as the ones I am listing below.

These podcasts were created to motivate and inform entrepreneurs in the digital age. In addition, some of them have a personal-growth and self-care spin to the content. They are hosted by bloggers, YouTubers and other online entrepreneurs who are succeeding at what they do.

While it wouldn’t be worth their time to mentor every single person who emailed them for help, their podcasts kind of do that for them. The episodes are chock-full of useful information picked up over the years. By listening to their experience and advice, you gain insights that can then be applied to your own business and life.

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If you’ve never heard of a podcast before, it’s basically a digital audio series similar to talk show radio. The subject and tone of these series are presented in many different ways. Popular styles include interviews, conversations, talking solo and even storytelling.

You can discover Podcasts on many platforms today. I’ve personally used iTunes and Spotify on PC, and Podcast Addict on Android. For a list of other recommended listening apps for Android or iOS go here.

Once you choose your app, search for the podcasts below and subscribe to them! You will have access to past episodes and receive notifications when new ones are published.


This is a list of my favorite podcasts I’ve discovered over the last 6 months. They’ve opened the doors for me in terms of finding mentorship on growing my online presence and living my best life. I hope you will find value in them too!

Detail Therapy podcast with Amy Landino

Image by Amy Landino

Detail Therapy with Amy Landino

Amy Landino is the YouTuber behind AmyTV, co-founder of Aftermarq, author, and recently a keynote speaker with Vaynerspeakers. She has designed a career living the life she wants.

Amy connects with over 300k YouTube followers on Wednesdays and Sundays with vlogs and insight on personal-development topics. In October 2018, she launched Detail Therapy, a weekly podcast for people looking for the details on living their best life. On the show, she interviews successful people on the details of their life and what makes it better.

This is a fairly new podcast with 16 episodes (as of the date of this blog post). You can listen to new episodes every Tuesday, and, like her YouTube channel, this podcast is nothing but amazing. If you plan on checking it out I recommend listening to:

  • Episode 1: Leah Pipes – Life in Hollywood, Overcoming Depression, and Better Morning Routines
  • Episode 12: Beth Comstock – Building Social Courage for Success
  • Episode 14: Tyler Schmitt – Managing the Life of Gary Vee


The Game Changer Podcast with Erin May Henry

Image by Erin May Henry via Acast

The Game Changer Podcast with Erin May Henry

In my opinion, Erin May Henry is the Amy Landino of Australia. She’s all about personal development, motivation, mindset, growing your personal brand and living your dream. She’s a YouTuber with over 100k subscribers, a business coach, and speaker.

Erin launched The Game Changer podcast in March 2018, though I only started listening to it a couple of months ago. The episodes are a mixture of solo talks and interviews to help you build your personal brand. She talks about building a business, having a mindset for success and making money doing what you love.

What I love about Erin is her energy that she brings every single time! Whether she’s speaking, doing a YouTube video or recording her podcast she is always passionate about what she’s speaking about. Erin also breaks her points down and explains them in a way that is easily understandable and not overwhelming.

If you have a peek at her series or are just starting to build your personal brand, I recommend:

  • Episode 1: Why Personal Branding
  • Episode 2: The Six Pillars of a Personal Brand
  • Episode 3: How to Become a Confident Badass


The Marie Forleo Podcast

Image by Marie Forleo via iTunes

The Marie Forleo Podcast

When I started blogging I kept hearing other online entrepreneurs mention Marie Forleo. I was sadly completely clueless and had no idea who she was until I came across her podcast. If you’re going to build a business and live your best life, Marie Forleo, like Gary V and Tony Robbins, is an entrepreneur you should learn from!

Marie Forleo is a business and life coach, and author, who created a digital empire that’s been compared to Oprah (yes, Oprah Winfrey)! Her podcast is the audio version of her show Marie TV. In it, she offers insights and advice by featuring successful entrepreneurs to share their stories about business, marketing, careers, failure, happiness, creativity, health, and fulfillment. Her show is funny, inspiring and informative.

To start I recommend listening to these episodes:

  • Episode 4: Tony Robbins on What it Takes to Have an Extraordinary Life
  • Episode 6: Arianna Huffington on Redefining Success


All Up in Your Lady Business podcast

Image by Jessica Stansberry and Jaclyn Malone via All Up In Your Lady Business

All Up In Your Lady Business

If you want to learn about online marketing AND have a good laugh, these ladies will have you laughing out loud. All Up In Your Lady Business is a podcast co-hosted by Jessica Stansberry and Jaclyn Malone. Though they published their finale episode December 31, 2018, the content is still fresh enough to be relevant (and there is A LOT of it – 313 episodes!).

Jessica is a business strategist focused on helping businesses grow on YouTube and online. Her YouTube videos make learning the ins and outs of building your online personal brand easy! Jaclyn is a mindset and marketing mentor and speaker helping entrepreneurs strategically build their brand.

These ladies cover everything business related, from email marketing, building your tribe, what it means to be an expert and managing your time. I’m sad to see the series end but I’m sure they are both onto even better and bigger things!

If you’re catching up on their episodes I recommend:

  • Episode 267: How to Build a Better Relationship with Your Email List
  • Episode 269: How to Build a Tribe
  • Episode 271: Nurturing Your Community


Rise podcast with Rachel Hollis

Image by Rachel Hollis via iTunes

Rise Podcast with Rachel Hollis

Lastly, and not because these podcasts were in any particular order, is Rachel Hollis’ podcast called Rise. You’re probably aware of Rachel because of her bestselling self-help book Girl, Wash Your Face. But she is also a motivational speaker, blogger, and founder of Chic Media. She successfully built multiple businesses’ from scratch and dealt with some trials as an entrepreneur, woman, and mother we can all learn from.

Her podcast Rise is a series of conversational episodes where she has entrepreneurs and personal development experts discuss different topics. These topics range from starting your own blog to whether it really matters what you choose to wear today.

I’ve only just started getting into this podcast after finishing her book, therefore I can only recommend the first two episodes that I’ve listened to so far:

  • Episode 1: Turn Your Hobby Into a Career
  • Episode 2: How to Start a Successful Blog with Alison Faulkner



Podcasts are a great source of knowledge and information presented by entrepreneurs who have figured it out. If you’re in search of a business mentor, but can’t afford to hire one, these are a great start. I recommend the 5 listed above for anyone with an entrepreneurial bone, interested in earning an income doing what they love and living their best life.

If you have any other recommendations I’d be happy to hear them! Leave a comment below with podcasts that I should listen to next. 

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