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30 Inspiring Quotes From Highly-Successful Women

If you're just getting started as an entrepreneur, life and your career can start to feel overwhelming and even intimidating. It's something we can't avoid! Luckily, these highly-successful women have failed a dozen or more times to get where they are today, and therefore their wisdom is gold! We ... READ the POST

New Pinterest Features To Start Using

It seems there's no end to updates on the interwebs. Just yesterday, Google announced a new core algorithm update that may affect how your posts are doing in search. It also looks like September is the month for major Pinterest updates as well. With all the new Pinterest features rolling out this ... READ the POST

Ole Henriksen PHAt Glow Facial Review

I love receiving free skincare products and even more when it's from a brand that's sent me products in the past! Last month I received and tested Ole Henriksen's new PHAt Glow Facial Mask and I'm here to share my thoughts on that. This is the second product I test from the brand who is killing it ... READ the POST

Entrepreneurs Need to Be Selfish (And That’s Okay)

Successful entrepreneurs need to be selfish...and that's okay. I can honestly say that without cringing now. However, it took a little lifestyle change for me to realize this. Like many driven people, I was faced with a dilemma and had to make a tough decision. DOES FAMILY ALWAYS COME FIRST? Last ... READ the POST

How I Manage My Tasks With ToDoist

Earlier this year I completed the Productivity Masterclass by Thomas Frank on Skillshare. I highly recommend the course if you're interested in improving your productivity and time management skills. I've been using Frank's system for almost 6 months and, as a result, it's helped me become more ... READ the POST