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Start Your Own Blog on WordPress

One of the questions I get asked A LOT is “how do I start my own blog?” I realize for many of you this can be intimidating, either because you don’t know what to write about or you think you need to be technologically savvy. However, most platforms make blogging extremely easy to do and I am going to show you by helping you start your own blog on WordPress today!

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When I first launched Caffeine and Conquer, it was on a free-hosted website called Blogspot (or Blogger). I knew very little about blogging at the time.

Growing up as a 90s kid, I understood blogs as they used to be, as online journals that you shared with the world.

I quickly realized that today there is an entire industry of bloggers and influencers, and they are making money! 

Within six months I switched over to self-hosted WordPress, started monetizing my blog and building my online career. I have begun to partner with brands, offer services as a virtual assistant and have plans to offer e-books and e-courses in the near future.

There is infinite potential. You just have to jump right in and go for it!

It is amazing how rewarding and fun running your own blog is, not to mention all the connections you will make along the way.

If this is something you have been contemplating but are stuck, I’ve created this easy tutorial to get you started – which is really the most important step!

Let’s do it!

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Follow these 6 Easy Steps to Start your own Blog on WordPress!

What you should consider before you start your own blog

1. Decide on a Domain Name

Your domain name will become the name of your website and the URL (eg. Choosing a domain name can be difficult, especially if the one you want is taken, but don’t let it stress you out. You can always change it or work with a temporary domain until you find the right one for you.

When I launched on Blogspot, my URL was “” – gross! I celebrated when I got my domain name. It was exciting that I officially had a name that was mine!


2. Choose your Platform

There is a multitude of options available for your blog. The platform is where you go to create posts and manage your blog. When choosing a platform you should think about your goals and intentions for your website. Do you want to use it for personal use or to make money?

If you’re not interested in blogging professionally then I suggest going with Blogger or Wix. If your thinking of making money blogging though, I recommend going with something else.

I chose as my platform because it is more flexible than other ones and comes with some really cool plugins. It also has no restriction on how you can monetize your blog.


3. Free or Self-Hosting?

When creating a website online you need a “host” to store all your files and information on a server. There are two ways you can do this: free or paid.

When you blog on platforms such as Blogger, they offer free hosting, whereas requires you to purchase hosting through a company such as Bluehost.

From June 2018 – June 2019, Caffeine and Conquer was hosted through Bluehost at a great price (around $2.75 a month or $59 a year). What I love about them is that they include a domain name in their price (normally domains are $17/yr) and it installs the WordPress platform for you. If your not very tech savvy this option is perfect for you.

What I like about self-hosting are the control I have over my blog and my files. With free hosting your files are held on someone else’s server – so if they shut down you lose everything! Self-hosting gives you more security and peace of mind for a small investment.


Register your blog and start writing!

4. Choose your Plan

For the rest of this tutorial, I’m going to continue with launching on WordPress with Bluehost since it’s what I use for Caffeine and Conquer.

So, scenario: You have gone through the first three steps of this tutorial and have decided you want to launch a blog to earn money, use as your platform and your hosting through Bluehost. Let’s sign you up!

To begin, follow this link to Bluehost’s main page and click “Get Started Now“.

You will be brought to a page to select your plan. Choose a plan that best fits your budget and website needs. They list the prices per month to give you a breakdown, however, when you decide to purchase you pay for the full year.

For Caffeine and Conquer, I have selected the Basic Plan.


Once you have your plan, Bluehost will ask you to input your domain name. This is why it was important to think of ideas before signing up.

If you already have a domain you could also transfer it to Bluehost after your finished registering.

Start your own blog by choosing a domain name.

Hit next and input your account information, payment information, create a password and you’re almost done!

We’re ready to start designing your website.


5. Choose your Theme

This is my favourite part of creating a website or blog – choosing your theme. This determines what your website looks like and what features it has. It can represent your personality or your business’s brand. You can be as creative as you want or use a very minimalist theme.

Bluehost offers free and paid themes for WordPress. The free ones are good, though paid themes tend to have more features. It’s your choice which is right for you.

Alternatively, you can purchase WordPress themes outside of Bluehost if you’re already comfortable with WordPress. I purchased the theme for this website on for $25 and love it!


Once you picked your theme, you can begin to customize it in WordPress by adding photographs, change the colours and start adding text!



6. Prepare your Blog Before Launching!

You did it! Now you are ready to start writing and getting ready to launch your blog! You can always access WordPress through your Bluehost account by clicking “Login to WordPress”.



In the WordPress platform, you will be asked to choose between a “Personal” and “Business” website.



This is what the WordPress platform looks like. It is extremely easy to do everything blogging related. On the left side of the screen is your menu where you can create posts, pages, add photographs, manage comments from visitors, customize the appearance of your blog and add plugins!



When you have your theme set up to your liking and have populated your blog with some posts it’s time to launch your blog! You can do this through the Bluehost tab in WordPress and click “Launch”.



That’s it! With Bluehost, it’s easy to start your own blog on WordPress!

If you have made it this far I am so excited for you and I can’t wait to see the blog you have created.

Now that you have set up the foundation for a successful blog, you can begin writing and share your thoughts with the world. It’s a huge step that you have just overcome and had feared before and I am so proud of you.

Now that you’re part of the club lets stay connected. Being a blogger means your now part of a network of individuals who want to share their world and help other people. We support each other by helping each other out and motivating each other forward.

Leave a comment below letting me know what your blog is about and I’ll be sure to respond!

If at any time during this tutorial you get stuck, please reach out to me or use Bluehost’s “chat”. I want you to succeed and follow your dreams. Don’t let the technical stuff get you down girl!


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