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Sustainable Influencers to Follow on Instagram

For this week’s post, I decided to do a round-up of some amazing sustainable influencers on Instagram.

A growing number of people are taking to social media to share their green lifestyles while inspiring others to follow. The movement is impacting individuals as well as businesses being proactive with consumer changes.

This week Starbucks announced they will be phasing out single-use straws from their coffee shops by 2020. These will be replaced by a special type of plastic lid or paper straw by request.

While a small change, the elimination of straws is a move in the right direction and an impressive one as they are implementing it in all 28,000 of their stores!

Despite this, there have been some criticism over the announcement. These mainly stem from disability groups who need straws and advocates accusing the company of greenwashing.

Whether or not you accuse Starbucks of not doing enough to curb plastic waste, we can all agree that businesses are paying attention.

Check out these inspiring sustainable influencers using Instagram to share their eco lifestyle and get our attention! I even connected with some of them to get their insight on what inspires their journey.


Sustainable Influencers to Follow Now!



A zero-waste vegan based out of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. I love her photos of fresh home grown produce, homemade food, and zero-waste products. You can follow her on Instagram or YouTube.

“My zero waste goals are to inspire and encourage others to make changes in their life to live a more sustainable lifestyle. I believe that every change, no matter how small, can make the world of a difference”




Gina Caro is an award winning blogger and content creator with a focus on sustainable and simple living. Her blog covers everything from zero-waste, minimalism, natural beauty, green living, wellbeing and thrift! Check her out on Instagram and her blog!

“Zero Waste is a journey and not something that you can achieve overnight. My aim is to reduce my personal impact on the planet as best I can. I find the best way to start living a more sustainable lifestyle is to make little switches as you go along. Things like replacing cling film with reusable wrap, switching to a safety razor and using a reusable coffee cup all help to make a difference.”



Britt stands out among most sustainable influencers because she is a tiny house enthusiast! She also describes herself as minimalist and a simple living advocate. I love following her page which is full of beautiful nature photographs. You can follow her on Instagram and her blog.

“I’m constantly being inspired by the online community of sustainability bloggers and influencers, it’s amazing the changes that can be made when you put your mind to it. My ultimate eco goal is to live in an off-the-grid house.”



The Zero Waste Collective was founded by Tara to provide resources for anyone interested in sustainable living. Based out of Guelph, Ontario, she began her journey in 2017 and has since created an online community and shop! You can follow her community or personal page on Instagram and make sure to check out her website!

“The goal for The Zero Waste Collective is to inspire people to live with less trash.”




Taylor is a Boston local who shares her money-saving, zero-waste lifestyle on social media and her website. I actually had the opportunity to work with her on an interview post, so make sure to check it out! You can follow Taylor on her Instagram and blog to learn more.

“The little things add up in the long run, and you can make real, positive impacts on the environment (and your wallet). Investments for the planet, such as a mason jar for coffee, a thermos, is also an investment in your personal finances.”



Labelle-eco-life is a micro-blog run by Monique, an environmentally conscious elementary school teacher. We frequent the same eco-businesses in Ottawa but have never met! You can follow her on Instagram.

“I have the rare opportunity to be a teacher at an elementary school. With other teachers, I help organize an eco club. These kids are encouraged to run a community garden, to incite others to participate in our Friday zerowaste lunches and to be leaders in a recycling and composting program. When I see their dedication and enthusiasm towards environmental issues, I’m motivated to continue to advocate for saving our oceans and our planet.”



This Instagram page focuses on the 5rs of sustainable living: Refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and rot. Her photos are very minimalist with plain white backgrounds and a focus on the object which I love. Follow on Instagram!

“Growing up in the Philippines – now the third worst plastic polluter of the ocean – I have seen fetid mountains and rivers of trash causing pollution of the water systems, plastic suffocation among animals, and deadly diseases to humans. If we come to think of it, we ourselves – you, me, each one of us – have contributed to this global problem on waste; but the good thing is, we do have the power to change it. So instead of just merely talking about it, I started to act on it by minimizing my trash while hoping to inspire others to do the same.”



Based out of Melbourne, Australia (there seem to be a lot of Aussie sustainable influencers!), green.of.a.kind is a newer Instagram account. Documenting sustainable life since April 6, the photos are minimalist, beautiful and inspiring. Follow on Instagram!







Megan is the person behind the CupSwitch movement in New York City. She’s on a mission to eliminate disposable cups and inspire other people to follow. I was so inspired by her videos that I connected with her and shared what I learned in a blog post! You can follow Megan on Instagram and her YouTube channel.

“When ya make peace with ya self, practice unCUPditional love and forgiveness, ya naturally gravitate to actions that be beneficial fo all yo!”




The creator of @myhappy habitat describes herself as a mother, wife, fad fanatic and aspiring conservationist. She is making small changes to reduce plastic waste, protect the planet and improve her lifestyle. Follow this positive journey on Instagram.








This Instagram account is full of images and inspiration to make your own batch of kombutcha, shop zero-waste and eat whole foods. You find follow on Instagram.







sustainable influencers - @ethical.editLaura located in Brisbane, Australia and documents her journey to a more sustainable life on her Instagram page. She shares photos that are about plant-based life, ethical living and self-love. You can follow her on Instagram.

“For me it’s all about the environment. Nature continues to amaze and inspire me, it’s so beautiful and special, so taking care of it is something so important to me. It’s my goal to be completely plastic free. I’m on my way but plastic can be so sneaky and I find that it’s in more things than I realize unfortunately. I think it’s really brought me out of my shell though, having to ask for plastic free alternatives or refuse plastic.”




Created by Sarah Moyes, a vegan OneKind Campaigner and Press Officer in Edinburg, Scotland. Follow this sustainable influencer on Instagram and her blog!








sustainable influencers - @katielovesearthKatie is a sustainable influencer from Fort Collins, Colorado. She describes herself as a zero-waste advocate, environmentalist, and adventurer. You can follower on Instragram and her blog.

“I’m motivated by our beautiful Earth and protecting and preserving it! It’s the only home we have and we need to respect and honor it.”






Run by Bri, a paralegal in Philadelphia, @trashtalkphilly follows her daily journey to live a low impact lifestyle in the sixth most populated city in the United States. You can follow her on Instagram or her blog!

“What inspires me most to not only live a low-impact lifestyle, but also share it, is the complete disconnect between people and the trash that they produce. Although I believe that an essential element to combating climate change is policy change and legislation, reflecting upon and sharing my day-to-day personal choices has allowed me to inspire others to be more mindful of the issue as a whole.”




sustainable influencers - @zerowasteinitiative

The Instagram page of Emma Louise, a 22 year old from Sydney, Australia. She describes herself as just a girl in love with nature, trying to reducer her waste. Follow her on Instagram.

“The zero waste movement isn’t about being completely zero all at once, it’s about small changes in your own time to reduce your impact on the world.”





Her Instagram says it all: “Waste Less, Do Good”. Love it! Follow this Instagram account for inspiration on producing less trash and saving the earth – or the gorgeous photography!

“My goal, above all else, is to help people become more aware of the waste they create. Awareness is something that you can’t shake, and it can help guide people’s choices in the right direction. Before you know it, you’ve cut your waste in half without really trying!”






sustainable influencers - @minimaljess

Jess is a young minimalist from Devonshire, England. She describes herself as a minimalist and eco warrior! Follow her on Instagram and YouTube.

“What inspires me most is people trying out my tips and seeing how much it helps people. My goals are to be as low waste as I can in my house and trying to inspire my family to join in with it!”





Created by a wonderful woman named Polly from Lafayette, Indiana. She is on a mission to make sustainability more accessible. You can learn more and follow her journey on Instagram or her blog!







This sustainable influencer page is unique because it is run by two young women, Lauren and Skye, documenting their journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle. This page is based out of Kelowna, British Columbia. You can follow them on Instagram.

“Our journey through environmentalism, and also our journey as friends, began during a high school sustainability course. Since then, our goal has been to inspire youth to live a more sustainable lifestyle by sharing our own story of taking small scale action within our community” – Lauren and Skye



Planet Earth First

Thank you to those sustainable influencers who added their insights on what inspires their journey. As a movement we can inspire change for the better. I think it’s really important to voice these opinions on social media and with our actions.

Remember….Refuse. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Rot.

Are you a sustainable influencer? I would love to connect over Instagram. Share you handle and what inspires your journey in the comments below!



20 sustainable influencers you should be following. Zero-waste, green, eco, tiny home enthusiasts, vegans, vegetarians, sustainability advocates. I asked them what inspires their journey! Click through to find out or pin for later! #zerowaste #sustainable #lowwaste #green #eco

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      I also find if your a visual person, Instagram is a great way to inspire and get inspired from peoples content.

  2. Polly says

    Hey! Came across this on Pinterest – thanks so much for including me on such a great list! I’m off to follow some new, cool people!

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