Pinterest Marketing Checklist

How To Use Tailwind Tribes For Pinterest Growth (+ How To Grow Your Own)

All hail the Tribe! No seriously! When Pinterest announced a couple years back that they would be reducing the effectiveness of group boards we all cringed - but then came Tailwind Tribes and we could all breath a sigh of relief again. Now, I'm assuming most of you haven't been living under a ... READ the POST

The Best Online Resources For New Bloggers

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This week's post is all about the best online resources for NEW bloggers that I used (and still use) when I got started. The internet has been a huge help when searching for blogging how-tos, especially when I got started. When I have a specific need for my blog or business I Google whatever ... READ the POST

How to Make The Most Out Of Your Instagram Bio With Smart.Bio

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I'm taking a break from my usual Pinterest related content to hop on over to another favorite platform of mine - Instagram! More specifically, I'm focusing on your Instagram bio and how you can get the most out of it in terms of increasing engagement and converting followers. We ... READ the POST

Pin Titles Are Here! What You Need To Know

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If you've been marketing on Pinterest for some time now you're probably familiar with the anatomy of a Pinterest Pin. A lot goes into making sure Pinterest knows how to index your content, from the visual content (pin design), the pin's description, the boards it's added to AND pin ... READ the POST

How I Manage My Tasks With ToDoist

Earlier this year I completed the Productivity Masterclass by Thomas Frank on Skillshare. I highly recommend the course if you're interested in improving your productivity and time management skills. I've been using Frank's system for almost 6 months and, as a result, it's helped me become more ... READ the POST

10 Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Pinterest Manager

Pinterest...the search engine disguised as a social media channel. It's the place to discover new products and get inspired by beautiful home decor and DIY photographs. So why should you consider hiring a virtual Pinterest Manager and share your business on the platform? Long story short, ... READ the POST