Pinterest Marketing Checklist

How I Stay Productive and Motivated Throughout The Day

I started my online entrepreneurship journey in early 2018 and a common reaction I got from people was confusion. When I tell them that I'm a full-time Pinterest Manager and content creator I'm pretty sure most people understand I work online. However, being a productive work from home solopreneur, ... READ the POST

10 Ways To Begin Every Day In A Positive Mood

A good morning doesn't have to be an elusive creature we hear about but never experience. Anyone can begin every day in a positive mood, it all comes down to your habits and if you're willing to make some positive changes. I want to help you change your morning from a chaotic, ... READ the POST

How I Manage My Tasks With ToDoist

Earlier this year I completed the Productivity Masterclass by Thomas Frank on Skillshare. I highly recommend the course if you're interested in improving your productivity and time management skills. I've been using Frank's system for almost 6 months and, as a result, it's helped me become more ... READ the POST

How To Read Way More Books This Year With These 15 Quick Tips

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It's the middle of July and I'm slaying my reading goals this year. I'm actually set to double what I've been able to finish in the previous years and I'm very excited about that. I made some changes in my routine that allowed me to read more books this year and I thought I should share these tips ... READ the POST

Productive Procrastination Is Killing Your Blog!

Productive procrastination is exactly that, being productive while procrastinating at the same time. But how can this be? They are complete opposites! In this post, I explain what productive procrastination is and how it can be affecting your online business.  WHAT IS PRODUCTIVE ... READ the POST

What I Eat in a Day (and How I Cut Out Soda)

It's been almost a year since I wrote a "What I Eat in a Day" blog post! In April 2018, I shared with you my not so healthy diet and complained about my dependence on carbonated soft drinks. I've made small steps this year to make healthier choices, the biggest one being I cut out soda from my diet! ... READ the POST