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DIY Your Space – Inspiration and Tips!

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Alright, so, this isn't a home decor, DIY or craft blog but there is always a time and place for a good room spruce, am-I-right? Whether you work from home, are a homebody or only come home to eat and sleep, your space has an impact on your happiness. A clutter-free aesthetic can improve your ... READ the POST

Bookworm Gift Ideas That Aren’t Books

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Book lovers tend to be really easy to find gifts for. There are so many books, from dozens of genres, published each year. You're bound to find something your bookworm has on their to-read list. However, what if you wanted to gift that bookworm friend or family member something other than a ... READ the POST

Top 20 Books To Get Excited About This Year!

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This year is already off to a great start. We're three and a half months into 2018, I can't believe it! Winter is coming to an end and we're starting to see the weather warm up. Soon the outdoors will be a little more hospitable to us - maybe. Being holed up for the winter in our warm and cozy homes ... READ the POST