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How Tailwind Helped Me Work More Efficiently

Tailwind has helped me blog more efficiently and I want to share my experience using the app with you. But first I want to give this post some context.

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I have been blogging and creating content for Caffeine and Conquer for a little over two months now. I had tried unsuccessfully to maintain other blogs in the past, treating them as a hobby and quickly becoming unmotivated to create new content. This year I have had the time to really delve into it and it has amazed me how much there is to learn and how far people have taken there blog.

In the past, maybe ten years ago (when MySpace was a thing), blogging was a form of online journaling and people just wrote for themselves. Blogging has changed since then and people are learning that you can make money doing it.

As Influencers, we’ve become an important component to the marketing industry as our opinions about products, technology, expertise, etc. help inform people whether they should purchase or add some new habit into their life. Bloggers also make great Virtual Assistants and Digital Marketers because we’ve gained experience in marketing, analytics, social media and the various apps and tools used to make this easier for businesses.

These are the skills I am currently building upon as Caffeine and Conquer grows and my knowledge is constantly growing. I’m like a sponge.


One thing I have come to realize, especially for bloggers who run their website alone, it is A LOT of work! From brainstorming content ideas, writing blog posts, creating graphics, searching for the perfect stock images, photographing your own images, maintaining multiple social media accounts, promoting your blog posts, collaborating with other bloggers, and strategy planning for the future of your blog – it’s hard work, even harder when your trying to post multiple times a week.

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To avoid blogger burn out, influencers with the money to do so outsource some of their tasks. We can hire virtual assistants to manage our social media accounts or we can use apps created specifically to do many of these tasks for us.

There are two apps that aid with promoting your blog on Pinterest that are the most talked about by bloggers. These are Tailwind and Board Booster.

(Update: Board Booster was shut down at the end of June 2018 because they were not an official partner of Pinterest!) 

For the purpose of this blog post, I’m only focusing on Tailwind.




Tailwind is an app officially recognized by Pinterest that schedules Pinterest and Instagram posts, provides analytics and other marketing tools. What is great about it is that you can schedule weeks of your blog pins in one sitting and then let the app automatically pin them for you at the times your audience is more engaged. It saves you from being a slave to your laptop, you can focus on creating content for your blog posts or go see a movie!

Smart Scheduling

Like the Pin button browser extension, when you use Tailwind you get a similar extension that allows you to schedule pins from anywhere. Tailwind generates a schedule for you according to when your audience is most engaged and will add those pins into those time slots. Over time Tailwind will suggest more time slots as you work with the program.

What I find smart scheduling most useful for is preventing spamming when I’m pinning from my most recent blog post. I can schedule the pins to be added to different boards and group boards over a 5-day interval. Without Tailwind I would have to keep track of where I’ve pinned already and where I still need to pin in the future and sit at my laptop every day maintaining that. No way.

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Tailwind tracks followers, boards, repins, likes and comments which makes it easy to track the performance of your blog on Pinterest and Instagram. This makes it easy to focus on areas that are getting the most attention. For example, according to Tailwind, my most popular boards are “Coffee Aesthetic”, “Food” and “Fashion” based on the increase of follows for those boards over the last 7 days. With this information, I know what my audience likes and could focus more attention on those areas.

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The app also informs you where your account could use some improvement, such as a missing board description or not enough pins. Because Pinterest is a search engine, adding these little details could increase your account engagement by making your boards and pins more easily searchable.



Tailwind Tribes

If your using Pinterest to promote your posts then you’ve probably heard of or joined a few group boards. These boards are a great way to get repins and increase engagement, however, they are very hard to moderate.

Tailwind Tribes has the same concept as Pinterest group boards. However, the app lets you monitor the contributors better. This might seem more strict BUT this means that your pins are more likely to get shared. The best courtesy of group boards is to pin someone else’s pin for each pin you add, this system only works when people follow the rules. I am part of 5 tribes and can monitor how many times my pins were reshared by another tribe member, how many times that pin was repinned and also see how many total repins each tribe has. This makes choosing tribes easier.

I still contribute to Pinterest group boards, but I find Tailwind Tribes a lot more useful. 

Are you a millennial blogger? Consider joining my group board and Tailwind tribe!






Unfortunately, everything in life can’t be free. To take your blog seriously and increase its chance of success you need to invest in it.

There are many ways you can invest in your blog. Many bloggers take courses, hire a virtual assistant and subscribing to apps. Many apps are created for stock images, social media assistance, and graphic design. Tailwind’s one that many successful bloggers utilize and it makes sense why. To run a large blog and do everything yourself is almost impossible.

Tailwind is actually quite affordable for what it offers. You can choose an annual fee of $119 (which comes up to $9.99 a month) or $14.99 a month.


I wholeheartedly recommend Tailwind and use it as part of my Pinterest strategy. I just completed the trial version of the program and there are still so many features I’m learning. With a paid subscription there are even more!

With the trial version, you get to pin 100 pins using the Smart Scheduler, join up to 5 tribes, utilize their recommendations, navigate the analytics and get a preview of their insights such as the pin inspector.

Now that you’ve learned how much I love using the app I hope you’re excited to test it out too! 

If after the trial version you decide you don’t want to invest in your blog at this time, that is completely okay! Tailwind Tribes is actually a free service you can use with or without the subscription. You just won’t be able to take full advantage of the smart scheduler and other features.

If you have any questions leave them in the comments below and I will answer them as quickly as possible.


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