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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Bloggers

With the Christmas holidays just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to get your family and friends. I’ve created this gift guide for bloggers especially for you, to make the task so much easier. Scroll through this holiday gift guide for bloggers to discover gift ideas for the online entrepreneur.

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Whether it’s for a website, social media or YouTube, a camera is an essential tool in a bloggers arsenal. The Canon Powershot SX620 HS digital camera is perfect for capturing shots, vlogging, and video recording. It’s easy to carry around and is a great low-cost option. For gift givers with a larger budget, a bloggers dream camera is a DSLR from Nikon or Canon. These high-quality single lens cameras allow for amazing product photography and tend to work better in different lighting conditions. The Canon EOS 70D DSLR and lens is often recommended by business bloggers.

Holiday Gift Guide for Bloggers: Canon Powershot SX620 HS

Canon Powershot SX620 HS


To get extra crisp shots and record YouTube videos you need a tripod to go with that camera. I love and use Jobe’s Griptight Pro Telepod because of its multiple uses. It can be set up to hold a smartphone or camera, with the option of adding a mic in the cold-shoe mount and lighting. The Telepod can be used as a traditional tripod and is great if you’re limited on space. It’s also able to extend into a selfie-stick and be held for vlogging with the grip arm.

Another great option for the digital camera user is a professional 67-inch tripod such as this one from Ravelli. These tripods are sturdy and great for studio use.

Holiday gift guide for bloggers: Jobe Griptight Pro Telepod

Jobe Griptight Pro Telepod



Proper lighting can make a video go from looking amateur to professional with the right equipment. The Diva Light Ring is a very popular lighting solution for talking head video recordings. The ring attaches to a regular tripod and softly illuminates the face of the person speaking, reducing facial imperfections and giving them a fresh look.


Holiday gift guide for bloggers: Diva Ring Light

Diva Ring Light



The audio capture directly from smartphones or the camera isn’t always the best sound quality. Many professional bloggers and YouTubers add an additional mic to their set up to improve sound quality. Rode makes a great line of mics for digital cameras and smartphones. The Rode VideoMic Go Lightweight with Shockmount is recommended often as well as the Rode Video Mic Me for smartphones.


Holiday gift guide for bloggers: Rode VideoMic Go Lightweight with Shockmount

Rode VideoMic Go Lightweight with Shockmount



Surprise your favourite blogger this holiday season with a new laptop! Technology ages so fast there is always a need for upgraded versions. The Acer Swift 5 laptop is a great choice for online entrepreneurs because of its 13 hours of battery life, a 14″ HD screen, great camera, mic and audio for business calls.

Give them the gift of a great laptop to work on and build their dream business.

Holiday gift guide for bloggers: Acer Swift 5

Acer Swift 5


External Hard Drive

An external hard drive provides assurance that your important files, photographs and other important information are backed up safely. Use an external hard drive to back up your blog so you don’t lose what you’ve spent years building. Seagate’s external hard drives are reliable and stylish, such as this white ultra slim 2 TB portable one.

Holiday gift guide for bloggers: Seagate Ultra Slim Portable External Hard Drive

Seagate Ultra Slim Portable External Hard Drive


Computer Chair

Get them the comfort of a proper and stylish desk chair and they will love you forever. I love this white office chair by Furmax. White is a great colour for a modern office and it has 3.15 inches of padding in the seat! Working for hours at your laptop suddenly got a lot more comfortable!

Continue reading for more ideas from the ultimate holiday gift guide for bloggers.

Holiday gift guide for bloggers: Furmax White Office Chair

Furmax White Office Chair


Portable Phone Charger

Do you know a blogger who is constantly travelling, attending conferences or covering events? A portable phone charger is perfect for the on-the-go entrepreneur who may need to charge anywhere. Anker created a small lightweight phone charger you can carry in your bag that would make a perfect gift. Simply charge the power bank before heading anywhere and you will have a charger when needed!

Holiday gift guide for bloggers: Anker Power Bank Portable Phone Charger

Anker Power Bank Portable Phone Charger


Planner and Notebooks

Bloggers plan everything from seasonal content, quarterly goals, blog posts, videos, photo shoots…everything. Give the gift of organizing their tasks into a planner with a planner from Orange Circle Studios. I love these planners because their layout is extremely simple to use and it includes monthly and weekly planning.

Holiday gift guide for bloggers: 2019 Monthly Planner from Orange Circle Studio

2019 Monthly Planner from Orange Circle Studio



Every blogger wishes to go self-hosted at some point to elevate their blog to the next level. Many brands will only work with bloggers who are self-hosted. It’s an investment and one you should make if you plan on making money blogging. I have experience using Bluehost and Siteground as my web hosting providers and recommend either of them. Purchasing a 1-year plan as a gift, or renewing a bloggers plan for another year is the perfect gift!

For more information on Bluehost and self-hosting check out my blog post.


Holiday gift guide for bloggers: Web Hosting with Bluehost

Web Hosting with Bluehost



Give the gift of learning new actionable skills with e-courses. Bloggers are always looking for new ways to grow and online courses are a great way to gift that. I’ve taken two courses and would recommend them both.

For the blogger who loves Pinterest or is interested in helping others with their accounts, Pinterest With Ell is an affordable course. Learn the basics of Pinterest as well as the strategies she has used to grow her audience and make money through the platform.

The second course I recommend is by It’s a Lovely Life and is an introduction to all aspects of blogging. Called Blogging Blastoff, it’s created for someone who just launched their blog and is interested in turning it into a money making career. Heather and Pete have been blogging for 12 years and have used their knowledge and experience to help us replicate their success.

A graphic of two white figures climbing up a graph showing growth

Stock Photo Subscription

Stock photography can get expensive, and using free stock images isn’t ideal. Give the gift of a stock photo subscription so your blogger can have access to quality images when needed. Popular stock websites I recommend are:

An illustration of a Polaroid camera

Blogging Books

There are certain books every blogger and online entrepreneur has on their bookshelf. They are motivational, inspiring and informative- and usually written by other entrepreneurs who have the success they want. These books make great holiday gifts for bloggers.

The books that had to make it in the gift guide for bloggers:


Holiday gift guide for bloggers: self help books for entrepreneurs; Vlog like a Boss; Crushing It!; and Manager You Day-to-Day


I hope you enjoyed this holiday gift guide for bloggers. Happy Holidays!


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