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Hi, my name is Sarah and I created Caffeine and Conquer.

I am a 31-year-old Pinterest Manager, content creator, and caretaker of two senior cats named Serious Trouble and Spookie (I like to feature them in my Insta Stories!).

My website’s mission is to share my passion for living your best life through self-exploration and self-love, as well as succeeding as an online freelancer and entrepreneur. I share my experience leaving the 9-5 lifestyle and starting my own business online to empower other women interested in pursuing similar passions.

Having a creative outlet, freedom to work when I want and how I want has literally changed my life for the better.

The inspiration for the name Caffeine and Conquer came from a hashtag that was circulating on Instagram in 2017. It represents the two best things in life – the perfect cup of coffee and the guts to go for it.

If you dream of living your best life, want to push yourself outside of your comfort zone, and work on your own terms…

Grab a coffee in one hand, confidence in the other and come join me!




  1. Mahina says

    Hello Sarah,
    I found your post via Blog Post Vote Up. For the record, I refrained from voting. I appreciated the summary and information you provided in your review for The Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill. After reading the post, I walked away with two feelings. One: I appreciate the positive review and no spoilers. Two: Despite what I can only assume is a well-intentioned acknowledgment of the nefarious time-period in history; the overall tone of the review made my skin crawl. There was a bit of romanticizing the time-period of slavery, that just rubbed me the wrong way. I also recognize that I may not be the demographic (black womxn also with a degree in history & sociology from the States ) that you are looking to resonate with. I do agree that this book is an excellent read and great for critical analysis project. I just wanted to share with you my perspective 1-on-1 rather than posting in your comments as a fellow writer. I appreciate you taking the time to read my comment and I wish you well in your future ventures.
    Peace and grace,

    • Sarah Fournier says

      Hi Mahina. I really appreciate your honest feedback and love that we can connect over a common degree! I’m going to reread my review with your feedback in mind though with most historical fiction novels there always tends to be a bit of romanticizing since it’s partly fabricated. I would love to chat further if you’re interested ( The last thing I want is for my review to come across as insensitive to what actually occurred.

  2. StaciePeters says

    Hello Sarah✨
    8 am in love with your blog, obsessed with all the amazing content and so very thankful to of come across your blog on Pinterest. Sarah you have no idea how for the first time since I began this journey a year ago have I been able to say this person gets my struggle with my online entrepreneur journey. Yesterday I came across the first article that was screaming my name, “Stacie’ and I too discovered that on Pinterest. I am still in the process of launching my blog , I’ve got a good start on my #insta following and I decided since I knew I wanted my blog and my brand to have this “sex and the city” , Carrie Bradshaw kind of vibe , with a emphasis on mental illness (bipolar) and 420 friendly that having a Kylie Jenner fan page would be the ideal way to go to network with others in my niche and finding beauty, cosmetic, and thc brands that I would want to collaborate with or become an ambassador for would be found among the followers of Kylie Jenner . Sarah I am self teaching myself all this and it’s hard to stay motivated and it’s long days more so then not.. Fear and Failure have n been the 2 key reasons why I have not launched my blog and built my brand or opened my online boutique. So I told myself in 2020 I’m doing this, I am putting my dreams into my reality. I told myself my felonies would no longer stop me from being successful again and I did deserve to be happy, love my job and once again love the life I’m living. I too want to empower women to chase there dreams and don’t let a mental illness or the opinions of others stop you. I want to change how people veiw mental illness most of all and I want others to know that mental illness is very real and it’s among even the prettiest people and don’t be ashamed to talk about it the same way we talk about cosmetics and fashion. So thank you Sarah for all the wonderful information and I look forward to learning from you and getting to know you.

    Stacie L Peters
    F. B. Stacie Peters and then I have kingkylieinfatuation page and stacielpeters fb pages
    Instagram: @kingkylieinfatuation and @stacielpeters
    Pinterest : stacielpeters

    • Sarah Fournier says

      Ahhhh! This makes me so happy that you could connect with my content! You have a vision and I can’t wait to see what you do with it. It’s all about having the right mindset and just going for it! Keep in touch and let me know when you launch your blog!

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