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New Pinterest Features To Start Using

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It seems there’s no end to updates on the interwebs. Just yesterday, Google announced a new core algorithm update that may affect how your posts are doing in search. It also looks like September is the month for major Pinterest updates as well. With all the new Pinterest features rolling out this month, I thought I would make it easier for you by sharing my insights on how to use them.

The new Pinterest features I’m most interested in are:

  • The mobile app’s new layout (do you love it or hate it?)
  • New chat features to group boards
  • Measures to support its user’s mental health
  • Adding video pins as a share option (yes! check out my video pins below)



The new business layouts are still rolling out but people are already talking about the changes. Unfortunately, I’m still waiting for my mobile update.

On Desktop, you may already notice fewer options to navigate your profile page. The tabs are still there, you just need to look for them. For example, your “Following” and “Followers” tabs are integrated in the new “Communities” section.

The redesigned profile page also features the new Shop and Video tab (more on video later). Users will be able to shop directly from the brand’s profile or go directly to the retail website. Businesses can also create dynamic profile covers, including videos, to increase engagement and brand awareness.

How to include the new Pinterest features in your strategy

First and foremost, get used to the new profile layout and changes. People often get frustrated with layout updates, especially because they seem to occur right after you get used to the previous one!

Once you have a good idea where everything is and the new features you can start to use them! If you are an e-commerce shop I recommend you experiment with the new Shop Tab. Pinterest is going to be making this feature more beneficial to its users as time goes, including adding “Shop the Look Ads“. Getting accustomed to it now will put you ahead of the game before competition increases.


Last week, Pinterest announced new and improved ways to collaborate on group boards.

You will now be able to add reactions (similar to Facebook reactions) to posts in the feed. Give your group members feedback on their pins with a heart, clap, lightbulb (if it inspires you) or questions mark if you want to discuss it more. In addition to giving feedback, the reactions can be used to sort pins by those with the most hearts or claps. Pinterest wants the most popular ideas to be prioritized at the top.

Lastly, Pinterest plans on adding to these changes is a chat feature. You will be able to communicate with your members directly on the board (similar to Tailwind Tribe chats).

How to include group board collaboration in your strategy

The changes to group board collaboration won’t benefit the boards used to amplify content. However, if you own a service-based business, such as wedding planning, interior designing, or makeup styling you should use this as part of your strategy.

Pinterest group boards were originally created to collaborate on projects and ideas. The new updates make this easier for you, your team and your clients.


In early July, Pinterest announced new features that made sharing videos on Pinterest even easier! I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t even aware you could post videos until this month. Everybody is talking about it now though, so it’s now or never!

Uploading a video is done the same way you upload a pin (or schedule in Tailwind). There is a 24-hour wait while Pinterest reviews it before it can be shown to your followers.

The new video tab on business profiles makes it easy to find and manage your videos as well. Users will have an easier time discovering your videos since they can be located in one place.

How to include Pinterest video in your strategy

Since uploading videos to Pinterest is as easy as sharing a pin this is something you can easily add to your strategy. How-to videos are performing the best right now. So if you have a service-based business that can make awesome tutorials (think DIY, crafts, hair, etc.) this will work well for you.

Pinterest has shared that videos reappear in time, they don’t disappear, which makes them great evergreen content. The lifetime analytics will allow you to find out how well your videos are doing overtime.

I’ve been testing out video pins this week and can see it’s potential in the longterm. Although my videos haven’t resulted in any referrals back to my website yet they are being viewed and saved, which means more engagement and awareness!

Check out the video pins I created using Wave.Video (they only took me 10 minutes to make!)


At the end of July, Pinterest announced the launch of guided emotional support activities in an effort to help users who might be in mental distress. A collaboration with experts in various organizations, the new in-app activities are activated when someone searches for anything that indicates they are feeling down. The one exception is if they are searching something related to self-harm, they are then directed to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

These resources are currently available to users in the US, however, Pinterest hopes to roll it out to more users in the future.

How to include the new Pinterest features in your strategy

There is nothing to do. However, I find it nice to know this update exists and that Pinterest is doing something to improve mental health resources online.


To stay up to date on all things Pinterest bookmark their Newsroom blog (or check-in here often as I am always sharing the best Pinterest info).


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