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The Easiest Way to Get Online Clients Without Making Sales Calls


I’m going to let you in on a little secret of mine…I launched my Pinterest Management services over a year ago and I’ve only had to make 1 sale call during that time! You can avoid sales calls too!

When I say “sales call” I mean those stressful cold calls where you reach out to a business to try and sell them on the idea that they need your services.

Definitely not my strength (quiet introvert here), and I know a lot of people feel the same way!

If you’re like me, you probably do best when you’re able to stay behind the scenes, focus on the details rather than the interpersonal aspects of a business. Sales calls leave you clammy and nervous, and to be honest they don’t go very well because you’re not playing to your strengths.

Fortunately, I’ve been able to land client after client, from different parts of the globe, simply by being present online. I’m going to show you how I did this so you can duplicate it to get similar results too!

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The Benefit of Having Them Come to You

Not only do you avoid a cringe-worthy cold sales call, but it’s also easier to close the deal with a signed contract.


When I receive an email about my services, the potential client already knows they need a Pinterest Manager for their business. They’ve done their research about the benefits of marketing on that platform and just need the right person to outsource the task to.

I don’t need to convince them they need to market on Pinterest or that they need someone like me to get the job done. They already know!

So how do you get them to come to you without you having to chase them down with sales calls?

In this situation, the key is to be easily found online, either through a website, social media, Pinterest, or even your email list.

If you plan to optimize your business’ awareness and searchability online I recommend focusing on these 5 areas.

Skip Sales Calls By Building a Killer Website with Valuable Content

The first place to get started is to create a business website and blog. This will showcase who you are and what you offer. In addition, your blog will help build the like, know and trust factor that’s essential to nurturing your audience and turning them into clients.

It’s important to note that your professional blog isn’t the same as a personal blog. The content you write about should provide value and help build your brand and authority in your chosen niche (whether that’s Pinterest or something else). So instead of writing about what you did on the weekend, write something that will solve a problem for someone.

How do you build a professional website?

I recommend building your website on You can create professional customizable websites on your own server using a hosting service like Siteground or Bluehost. In addition, if you use the Genesis Framework for WordPress, you can build beautiful themes such as the one I’m using now!

Here are some examples of websites that promote their services well along with providing free content:

Focus on Optimizing Everything for Google SEO

A second note on building a website is you want to have a heavy focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It’s what’s going to get you ranked on Google and make it easy for potential clients to find you in search.

There are two ways I work on getting discovered more:

  • Using YOAST SEO plugin for WordPress
  • Writing lots and lots of content on the topic of my services

Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress

SEO can be complicated but YOAST SEO makes basic best practices easy to add to everything you post on your website.

The plugin will read your page or blog post and provide suggestions to improve the on-page SEO.

If you follow these each time your website will rank higher in Google search!

Write Valuable Content That Solves a Problem for your Target Audience

Secondly, you will want to write as much as you can on topics related to your services and niche. For example, as a Pinterest Manager, you can write a post on the latest updates, best practices, strategies that work for you, programs that help, etc…

The more SEO optimized content you have the higher chance you have of being discovered in search.

Show Your Face and Services on Social Media

The major social media platforms to market on are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, you don’t need to be heavily active on each one. Simply having a page set up with your information will increase your visibility online.

The key is to make sure you mention what you do. On your Facebook page, this would be in the About section. On Instagram and Twitter, you would include this in your profile bio. When people search, for example for a Pinterest Manager, you will come up as one of the profile suggestions.

Here’s my profile on Instagram, which clearly shows what I do but is still fun and social:

Screenshot of Instagram profile bio

Once you have your profile bio set up to promote what you do, you can also include posts that do the same. Using Gary Vee’s “jab jab punch” method, include a lot of valuable and inspirational content and the occasional self-promotion. Remember, social media is more about inspiring and creating awareness. If you want to completely promote your content, focus on Pinterest.

Improve Your Discoverability on Pinterest

What better place to look for a Pinterest Manager than on Pinterest itself! I love the platform, it’s my jam and an amazing way to drive ACTION. Where Instagram is great for awareness, Pinterest marketing will result in more web traffic, more leads and more sales.

To optimize your Pinterest page to get more client inquiries you will want to focus on Pinterest SEO. Very similar to Google but the keywords may be different.

Use your keywords in areas such as your profile name and description, pin designs, descriptions, and titles, as well as your board titles and descriptions. The goal is to be one of the first few profiles that show up in search when looking for the services you offer.

Note that earlier this year Pinterest made changes that blocked the ability to add “Pinterest” in your profile name. If you already had it there you’re lucky because you’re grandfathered in. However, if you didn’t you will need to include it in other areas like your profile description.

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Grow and Nurture Your Email Lists So Those Sales Calls Aren’t Needed

The unfortunate thing about social media is it can get taken down someday and you will lose all your followers. This is why it’s also important to grow a list and gather leads.

You should have an email service set up where people can sign up to receive free content or newsletters from you. I’ve been using Mailchimp since launching this website, but other services like ConvertKit and Mailerlite are also popular choices.

By collecting the email addresses of visitors interested in learning more about Pinterest Marketing I now have people at my fingertips who may possibly need my services or who can refer me in the future! By providing free resources in the form of my weekly newsletter, I can nurture and position myself as an expert.

Again, like social media, you want to provide more value than self-promotion.

Have Patience, You Can Get Clients Without Cold Sales Calls

Lastly, have patience and trust the process. Setting yourself up as an authority online takes time and effort. In fact, I didn’t land my first client until 3 months after deciding to do Pinterest Management and using all the steps above. Since that first client, it’s become easier and easier to get discovered and my income keeps climbing.

Cold sales calls might be quicker if they are your strength and you excel at them, but it’s not the end all be all.

If you can get clients without cold sales calls then your online marketing is spot on and you’re doing something right! Congrats!

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